Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Child abuse at NTUC My First Skool and My thoughts.

 Came across this sad news of a child abuse at a Toa Payoh Childcare centre, 
NTUC My First Skool few days back.

According to Channel News Asia,  the incident happened on 5 July at My First Skool in Toa Payoh.
A CCTV footage showing a woman dragging a boy across the floor by his arm and pushing him down with force had gone viral on Facebook:

This incident had caused  a hairline fracture in his left shin.
Photo: The result of the abuse my son had.
Now he is sleeping but waking up every fifteen min crying in pain.
The pain he suffering oh Allah please let me be the one suffer instead of him. 
The parents were told that the child had a fall and that's when they demanded to see the CCTV footage and found out what exactly happened.


It's rather sad to know that such incident happens in Singapore.

Though I don't have a child yet, I can understand how both the parents felt.
My nephew, 3 and half years old now, is as hyper-active as many other kids. 
Always jumping around, screaming on top of his lungs when he demand certain attention or things.
There are times I can't even handle him, let alone my brother and sister-in-law, let alone the teacher or any adults. *patience*

No matter how misbehave the kids are, we still need to be patient with them.

But what I am trying to say here is..
Singapore is called the multiracial and multicultural country for a reason.
We are still living in a peaceful and secured Singapore with no issue of race/religion discrimination.

Just because this incident was caused by a Malay female teacher who wear headscarf, that doesn't mean we can judge her by that. (many actually commented on asking her to remove her headscarf! -_-)

Since when is this incident becomes a religious issue?

There's a song lyrics that goes like this,"What goes around, comes around. 
What goes up, must come down!"

Yes, she'd hurt the boy, she's dismissed by the management
 and she will be charged for her wrong doing. 
That's her consequences. Let the management and police handle this.

All of us, regardless of race and religion, makes mistakes be it verbally or physically. 
Whatever we do, we must not hurt/harm another person.
The consequences of hurting/harming someone can even ruin our own reputation/life.

What really matters now is to pray for the boy's recovery and help if their family needs.
Not going around commenting and judging races.

*note to the parents: Please stay strong for Yusuf! He's a bright and smart boy.

with love <3

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