Wednesday, 17 July 2013

[Product Review] Summer's Eve Feminine Wash for Normal Skin (Delicate Blossom) nominated for CozyCot Awards 2013

My gynecologist told me that our v-zone is very important as it reflects in our overall well-being.
I always had the idea that we can just use normal soap and water to wash our delicate v-zone area. 

How silly!

I’m glad I made the right choice to try out Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash because ever since I started using it, it benefits me in every way!
Read on to know why.

I've even heard a lot of great feedback from girlfriends who are using it. And now, I can say that I agree with them.
I’m already using it for almost 2 weeks and I love it!

The clear – liquid gel with light-floral scent is easily lathered and is really gentle!
The wash contains the pH level that is similar to our intimate area.
I feel really refreshed and clean after using it, and it does not leave a sticky feeling or irritate my sensitive skin.

 I also love the fact that it’s hypo-allergenic, gynecologist-tested and soap-free, and does its job by eliminating odor without irritating my delicate skin! 
And the best part is that it cleanses you well and moisturizes your delicate v-zone to prevent dryness at the same time!

It's really a good investment of just S$12.90 for a bottle of Summer's Eve Feminine Wash which in return, helps you in overall wellness and confident!

I’m glad I made the right choice! :)
With love,

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  1. Looks like amazing product, will try it out soon.