Monday, 22 July 2013

[Fashion Event] Fashion in the City by Noel Caleb 2013 with Celebrity Guest DJ Nicole Chen and Singer Tay Kewei at Avalon!

 Isn't it a great way to bond with fellow friends from the media and also make new ones?

That's what I actually felt about Noel Caleb.
I've been to one of their gathering at The Co with my bestie, Debra and the experience was awesome.
You get to know different bloggers/models' opinion on fashion, lifestyle, and their dreams.

And for this Fashion in the City event, Noel Caleb collaborated with 9 other Asia's hottest fashion labels!
All of us were spoilt for choice!

Popular celebrity DJ Nicole Chen was also there as guest DJ to spin her music during the event, 
and singer Tay Kewei sang with her heart and soul as the opening act of the event.

Eileen Yap (Founder and also Owner of successful fashion label Noel Caleb), Jamie Tan (Trainer of Noel Caleb and also New Paper New Face winner 2011) and her team did a great job for the Fashion in the City event held at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands 2013, I must say.

I was there to support Debra, Luisa, Su, Christabelle and Christabel.
They're among the models strutted on the runway, so try spotting them in my post. ;)

And also made some new friends too: Stella, Matthew and others.

*note: loads of photos!
Eileen and Nicole.

NTU's Next Top Model Shona



Matt looking all suave~

Wee-U-Weet! Stella Stella go go go!

Izaac and Christabel.

DJ Nicole in da house!

I like Christabelle's sweet smile!

Debra and this funky bag! 

During their 'mini break time'..

Matthew and his lettuces! 
We heard about the story of how he manage to get lettuces on his plate and we lol!
He's really fun-loving and friendly!
Pretty Luisa!

Ninah and Sharon came to cheer Debra too!

And now back to the runway..

Shona with her vibrant smile!

Cheery Stella

Christabel looking cutesy here!

And here was when Eileen announced the winner of the Most Popular Model..

Congrats Jacqueline Cheng for winning the title!

It was a great show indeed by the models and fashion labels! 
I can see the models bonding and having fun at the first time! 
Most importantly, it's teamwork, friendship and great experience!

The event started quite early and I only manage to reach Avalon at around evening time 6:45pm to catch the fashion show.  I've missed the first few label's showcase. Manage to even catch some fireworks happening just outside Avalon (NDP rehearsal)! It was definitely lovely!

Overall, it's a very successful event!

*If you guys realized that Debra has got more photos was not only cause she's my buddy, but also cause she pointed me to be her photographer for that night. Apologies on the quality of the photos, I was rather far from the stage and had to zoom in to take those pictures. :)

Stay tune for more fashion events coming up next! :)



  1. nicole chen!! =D btw the most popular model is pretty!

    1. Yes! She's pretty even in real life! Her smile is gorgeous! The event was filled with pretty ladies, lucky guys there! :)

  2. It's great to see so many beautiful people at one event. Nice. Thanks for the post.

  3. It was a nice event. Hope next time i have chance to join for this kind of event :)

    FB:kien mei

  4. Such a cool event! And I love rêvasseur, full of style! Thanks for sharing :)
    FB Name: PH Pang