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[Beauty Event + Product review] Dove Intense Repair Hair Care Range proves that you can have smooth and healthy hair too!

Hey all the ladies out there!
Are you having these hair concerns?
Split and Dry Ends, 
Frizzy and so on..?
Photo: Share with us!

Well, Dove's newly launched hair care range for damaged hair will prove to us that anyone can have smooth, healthy and manageable hair too!

 Dove Intense Repair Hair Care Range!

Attended the Dove Intense Repair Hair Care preview at L'etoile Cafe with the lovely people:
Mag aka Modgam, Maybeline, Debra and Yan Teng aka Tebisha

I was really happy to know that Carrie K. will also be at the event as well. 
Established in July 2009,  It's unique and elegant handcrafted jewellery won the ELLE Awards Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2010! 

And they too have just launched a new range of funky accessories which is so similar to what Dove's newly launched range too, except that it's similar in theoretical ways. Read below to find out why they collaborated! :)

Carrie K.'s  customised Nut & Bolt Bracelet -
8 colored leather straps and 3 different metal finishes (Silver/Gold/Rose Gold) to choose from. 
What's your favorite combo?

The lovely people from Carrie K.

Mag chose her favorite color leather strap, green with silver metal finish. Nice!

I chose the classic Black leather strap and gold metal finish. :)
All the bloggers attended was given a customized Nut & Bolt bracelet by Carrie K.! 
How sweet!
Thanks Carrie K. for the lovely gift! :)

And caught this 2 ladies (Deb and Maybeline) getting their noms. hehe
Thanks the Dove team for preparing these noms for us :)
Cute cupcakes with Dove logo and cute comb!



After our noms...




We were briefed on what can Dove's new Intense Repair Range do for us:

and in between, there's some Q&As where we can get goodies if we get the right answer :)

The presenter, Mr Goh, even showed us how Dove's new Intense Repair Range can make a difference to our hair.

Using the below product for test.

Rinsing the Dove conditioner away.

clipping the Dove hair test on the brush along side with the Brand X hair test.

And include a weight on each hair test and see the result:

Less than a minute, the Dove hair test dropped.
Which means the hair was so smooth and strong that it withstand the weight too!

Impressive huh! I can't wait to go home and try it!

Mag and her Devil's horn!
Photo booth :)

Here's what I received for reviews:
(Full range of Dove Intense Repair, pretty bling lock - a thumb-drive, a straightener in silky Dove pouch and a travel set).
I feel so loved! <3

Treatment mask
A MUST for ladies who has done alot of chemical process on hair such as hair-dye, rebonding, perming and so on.. I always use it 1-2 times a week so that my hair ends can be healthy.

All Day Repair Cream
(Leave-in Treatment)
Leave-in treatment is one of my favorite! 
Great for applying even on damp/dry hair, it instantly soften and smooth your hair with a lovely pleasant scent! And the best part of it? contains UV-blocker!

Before application

Yes I have really bad hair ends. Frizzy with split ends! :(

After Application~

I only applied on the 'pink' part of my hair. 
I'd bleached my hair before so it became much drier as time passes.
But I'm super happy that it became so smooth like as if I just did treatment (hair mask)! 
It's a great alternative especially when your hair is super dry. Smell's good too!

The rest of my hair was too 'mehhh....' so dry. :( 

 But luckily,
The treatment mask and the leave-in All Day Repair Cream will help me salvage my hair. :)

Now why Carrie K. and Dove collaborated this time?

Now I know why...

It's because Dove is also using the 'Nuts and Bolts' of Hair Repair which fortifies and protect our hair from damage! Of course Carrie K. jewelry is to make us look more fashionable and stylish with their new 'Nut & Bolt' collection! 

Dove gives everyone a chance to have beautiful hair, so no more bad hair day!

So far, I've tried the Dove Intense Repair's Shampoo and the Conditioner (yet to try the Overnight Treatment and Daily Treatment Conditioner) together with 1-2 times a week of the Treatment Mask and daily use of All Day Repair cream, I feel that my hair has become smoother and easier to manage.

I love the scent. 
I am very particular on fragrance especially body-care and haircare. 
I want to look good and smell good too so in short, Dove has one of the best scent hair care range I've tried so far. :)

If you are sensitive to fragrance or other ingredient, I suggest you do a patch test before using it. 
But no harm trying out the All Day Repair Cream, great for the day especially it contains UV-blocker!
 It's definitely one of my favorite must-have now.

Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies! :)

Find out more about Dove here:

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