Sunday, 1 September 2013

What I think about this - The New Paper article "Don't post when you're emotional"?

Just read a TNP article (you can click it) 
about a Malaysian-born blogger, Cheryl Seow, posted her thoughts about Singaporeans in her blog 3 years ago and till now, netizens are still attacking her, even though she has apologized.

(Extract from article)
"She wrote a blog post in response to a forum post about Singapore being a "playground" for wealthy foreigners.
Miss Cheryl Seow, 21, a business management undergrad in Australia, had written: "I don't see how my Malaysian mum and I had no contributions to Singapore's society for the past 20-over years. At least our shopping taxes fed a lot of Singaporeans!"
She went on to imply that it was Singaporeans' fault for being poor.
Netizens responded by calling her a "spoilt brat".
She has since explained that her comments were directed solely at the Singaporean who had criticised foreigners and not at all Singaporeans."

Here's my thought:
I'm also a blogger and as an individual, I sometimes do rant on social media platforms too. 
Of course not anything controversial but more related to my relationship and personal thoughts.
I believe the new age technology and media world have affected all of us in some ways.

We are definitely more technically affected nowadays e.g. long distance relationship used to be just writing letters and it takes ages to reach the other party. Slowly, there's email - where people can update each other through emails,  and chat software such as IRC - where people can get to know each other in the 'Cyber Space'  and chat whenever they want to. Now, we have Skype, face-time and all sorts of communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to update each other.

It gives us a sense of closeness just like we know what's going on with the other parties' life.
However nowadays, online is equal to public, which means whatever you say online are literally shown to the 'public' and that can go viral internationally.

And that's why I agree with this quote:
"The Internet never forgets, so think twice before posting something that others may find insensitive".
Your blog is your property but what leaks out to the public can act as a 'weapon' to you.
A tweet, a Facebook wall status, or just an insensitive image can lead people thinking you are otherwise. If serious, law suits can even be involved.
All these topics such as race, religion and sexuality, are better left where it is.
I guess blogging can no longer be a so-called personal online journal where you can blog about anything under the sun. I started blogging 10-12 years ago, (on another URL which I no longer use it) and it was like my own personal diary reminding me what happened in school, my loots, which boy attracts me (lol! so young lah last time) and so on.. 

What we can do (not only to bloggers but to everyone using social media platforms) is to be more 
tactful and sensitive
Other than that,
we can never stop people from reading and misunderstanding our words.

Each and everyone of us does make mistakes and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and apologize. :)

"Things posted could have long-term consequences."


What do you think?
Share with me your thoughts on this topic by commenting below! :)


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