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[Beauty + Online Shopping + Discounts] Daily Vanity - Let you shop for Tried and Tested Beauty products with great savings!

Hey everyone!
I guess many of you know that it's been a trend to shop online nowadays.

I do shop online occasionally and sometimes, I will research a little before buying.

Here's 3 points I always take note before buying (especially Beauty Products):

1) Raved reviews from experts, bloggers and friends -
I always get influenced and tempted to try especially when my friends share with me the goodness of certain products. Word of Mouth eh? It's one of the most effective marketing tool one company can use for free! :) Beauty Bloggers of course, especially they are in the beauty line for the longest time and have tried almost all the beauty brands and able to share what are the new trends and comparing which brand is of better lip range and so on. Experts.. Duh! of course, they're the experienced lot!

2) Price and Sales - 
So many brands in the market but can you afford buying beauty products and spending almost half of your salary buying them when you have no idea if it suits you even though it's highly recommended? Sometimes you will hold on and wait for a sale to go on and buy it. Most of us does that. We want the best at a price we think we can afford. So pricing is one of the issue, maybe not to all of you, but in this case, me. 10% off is still something, no? 

3) Pressure Buying (Risk)
I've ever purchased skincare products just cause the Sales Person 'Sales Talk' me and persuaded me to buy(*so dumbo, that was when i was young like 15, 16 years old?). I remember spending like couple of hundreds on them and tried using it for a month or so and at the end, causes sensitiveness and breaks me out or it just don't suit me at all. The products will be left untouched or pass on to my mum after that month of insecurity. I've learnt to do my research, no impulse buying but buy if it suits me e.g. ingredients, color, pricing and so on. 



 And so, I'm glad that there's a new e-store that not only provides genuine reviews, there's even reading section for you to browse. You can read reviews or simply ask the experts before buying it.

Introducing ...

Founded by lovely Kristen Juliet Soh, a bubbly and friendly beauty blogger at Beauty Sorority and with Co-founder Keith Toh, a friendly, problem solver techie-at-heart!

Daily Vanity - A platform where great products which are genuinely reviewed and handpicked for sale. Cheap and reliable sources are found and the savings passed on to shoppers!

The best part is that it covers my 3 points: genuine reviews and answers by experts, sales, and no pressure buying which means no risk + bonus= personal touch!

For those who likes to know more on how to better use the beauty products, there's even a section with tutorial videos that you can watch. I can foresee many of you staying on the page just to have a good read, watch and shop with ease!

And did I mention, Flash Sales lasting 7 days is launched every week!

Are you ready to shop? :)

My Shopping Experience...

Here's my pick!
I love nail polishes alot!
I often changes my nail colors and saw this Chanel le Vernis in Azure in and it was love at first sight!

This is one of the limited edition color and was sold out in stores already!

Lucky me! I got the LAST PIECE! Weee~~

Received my item within 3 days via normal postage! Fast or what!
And it came together with a handwritten thank you note. (see last picture in this post!)
So sweet right! <3

Fell in love with this gorgeous Chanel Nail Polish in Azure!

There's also awesome reads from the Trends & Styles tab or if you have any queries on makeup and skincare, Daily Vanity Team will definitely get your questions answered by experts!



Thanks Juliet and Keith for inviting me down for the launch!
It was an awesome night spent mingling around at Le Noir for the launch of

(Photo by Robert)

Beautiful girls having great time!
It was nice knowing new friends who share the same interest and also, friends that I wanna meet for the longest time! :)
(Photo by Robert)

*Caught eating chicken drumlets! Woops!
(Photo by Robert)

(Photo by Robert)

With the Daily Vanity team behind the scene! 
(Photo by Robert)

Thank you for lovely and sweet handwritten note!
I really love this as it's really that personal touch that makes you feel appreciated!
*the little goodies I received at the event! :)


Getting something from

*Simply Key in  zerikasays  at the apply coupon box and get a   10% off  

*Specially for you~


*Offer Valid till 31 October 2013! So Hurry!!

I'm already keeping my eyes peeled at their web for the next 'love at first sight product! hurhur!


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