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[Entertainment] USS Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore with my girlfriend.

wooooo~ Ghostly photo for you guys! 

Had an awesome night with my girlfriend, Cindy on 19 October 2013 (Saturday) as we went to test our guts at the USS Halloween Horror Nights 3. 

We took the Sentosa Express to Waterfront Station where it is the nearest to USS, and walked over after we had our dinner at Vivocity. 

My advice for people going by Sentosa Express is that you guys should go in earlier.

Go for an early dinner then go in or have your dinner at RWS because Vivocity's restaurants or eateries are literally packed  and with long queue.

We intend to be ready by 7pm after dinner but most restaurants at Vivocity were full house so we gotta wait awhile longer than usual. Manage to get into the Sentosa Express tram by about 7+ 8pm even though the queue to it was pretty crazy. 

It's expected especially for events like Halloween.

Here's us at the intersection of USS..

Some of the crowd had their face painted just outside USS.

If you want to, you can get it painted before heading in. :)
Not too sure if they do charge for it cause too many people crowding around the face painting booth and I was short to see what exactly happening there so we just headed in. :)

Check out the crowd...

One of the Haunted Trail which we manage to queue for and experienced, Adrift.
We had to queue about 2 hours to get in and be prepared, cause it's a little warm. Not to worry about getting thirsty while queuing because there's always zombie staffs walking around selling beverages.

It's pretty hard to plan your timing especially their Halloween operating hours is from 7pm-1am. (timing too short and queuing for trails kills it).
So you gotta really check which attraction is the shortest and go for it first. 

Even Sesame Street looks kinda eerie too~ 

Didn't manage to take any photos of the trail. Go experience it yourself. 
It's really different from looking at pictures :)

The main area became the cemetery and you may never know when the 'zombies' are standing beside you or walking pass you.

It was pretty dark so I had to take photos with flash. 

You will probably take a second look at this to see if it's scare actors or not. LOL!

They blend in pretty well during the night and it was dark so you can't see them clearly.
They'll just appear out of no where and scare you. lol!

The Galaxy section.
Yeah, they become zombies from the galaxy and they dance with the beat!
The DJ was playing "Low" by Flo-rida and they literally danced around. So cute!

And then they queue up to leave for break. While they are queuing, they have a synchronized dance move..super cute!

The leader..

Then we headed to play the 'Mummy' rides.

Yes, the whole time we were literally walking in the dark with smoke in the air.. 

'This' scares me! lol! 

It was already pass 1am and there's still many people getting their pictures taken with 'ghosts/zombies.

Here's one I find it super funny.

The 2 couple 'ghost' was scaring the passersby and posing for their pictures taken.
Then this guy who wear cap, did funny face at both of them and that's how they look at him weirdly too. lol! 

We played quite a few rides such as the Mummy and Transformers and mostly you got to wait for about 50 mins for it. Trails are from 130mins to 150mins in between. 
*depending on the crowd though.

Us queuing for the Transformer ride.

It was definitely an awesome catch up with my girlfriend and able to have a great night spent at USS.

You can book your tickets at this link.

*Be warned*

Taking a cab home from RWS can be a little disastrous if you don't mind queuing for
1 to 1.5 hours...again. Like we already been queuing for the past few hours and even going home, we have to queue for it. So yeah, be prepared to queue for taxi if you intend to take a cab out from RWS. And to be honest, no point walking out of Sentosa and wait for cab near the main roads because most of the drivers will still turn into RWS.

So, the main point is: just queue at the RWS Taxi Stand. :)

Hope everyone had an enjoyable October so far.

And if you guys not sure where to go on 26th October, Saturday for Halloween party, Read up my next post! :)

Till then,
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