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[Food Review + Christmas updates] - Pies & Coffee at Rochester Mall

Hi everyone!

Have you ever thought of just ordering a pie and a coffee to substitute your normal meals?

yeap* You're thinking whether will it be enough to fill you up.

I actually asked a few of my close friends (mix of guys and girls) regarding this and most of them all say the same thing. If they're not that hungry, a pie and a cup of coffee will be good and when they're hungry, it's definitely not enough.

That credit goes to Susan for bringing me out and Pies & Coffee for changing my mindset of pies as just a snack.

At first, I wasn't so sure but when Susan brought me along for a food tasting at Pies & Coffee, I have to agree with them. Its actually a very healthy meal and definitely does fill you up.

It's my first time trying out Pies & Coffee as I rarely go to the west side of Singapore.
*It's located opposite The Star Vista at Buona Vista Mrt Station.

We were there to taste the 'Pie of the Month' for October, November and December. :)

October - Sausage Potato & Spinach Pie S$9.95

(Oktoberfest Promotion: Grab any bottled beer at $7.00 with purchase of the Sausage Potato & Spinach Pie)

Firstly, I would say that the pie is of a just-right size and when it's cut-up, I was already pretty impress with the amount of 'liao' in it (ingredients). The look of it wasn't that appealing though the pie is full of flavor. The combination is great I would say and the ingredient in it is also not too dry, not too moist, just right.

November - Salmon & Sweet Pea Pie S$9.95

I feel is one of the healthier pick because of its mega omega 3 fillings with sweet pea.
 It's a little moist than the first one. It's tasty but I'll still prefer the first one though. 

December - Santa's Chicken & Turkey Ham Pot Pie S$9.95 

This was the last pie we tried and we were amazed how delicious and tasty it was. 
It's my ultimate pick if you were to ask if I would choose out of the 3. I love that the combination works pretty well and every bite can taste the bits of Turkey Ham. It was definitely a generous portion of ingredients as you can see in the picture. 
Potatoes definitely can be a good substitute of rice and it definitely fill you up pretty well.

Check out what other pies they have in-store:

They have many different pies you can choose from and each served with a side of mashed potato and greens. 

While rubbing our tummy, we still have a little space to try out one of their signature ala carte pie.

Laksa Seafood Shepherd's Pie S$10.95

Really unique. And it's definitely one of the must-try when you pop-by Pies & Coffee.
Laksa sauce mixed with mashed potatoes, Prawns, Squid, Mussels and Fish bits, after which, baked with Parmesan cheese into this golden crisp outer layer served in a bowl.
A little spicy but filled with excitement because of the ingredients in it. Also, this ala-carte served with a side of greens and mashed potato (we opted out the mashed potato because we were filled up and had to keep a little space in our tummy for tastings of the upcoming surprises). :)

After the pie tastings,
we're the luckiest few to be able to have a sneak peek and try out the X'mas specials!

shshhshsh... You guys who's reading this right now are the lucky few too because these X'mas Specials are not announced yet and so I'm going to just reveal pictures to tempt you. *evil smile*

The chocolate log cake is definitely a must-order. *it's already in my X'mas log cake list :)
There's mini surprises in it which i really don't wanna spoil it and tell you guys but its thumbs up!
 I believe your kids will love it max! I already love it to bits! lol!

Awesome place right? Cozy and great for chilling too!

*note: we shared a quarter of the pie each and I didn't had any breakfast that day. We tried 3 pies (1/4 each) and few mouthful of the Laksa Shepherd pie. It's already filling to me. *burp*



Wanna know what's in Pies & Coffee??

Click on the link to find out more!

Where can you find Pies & Coffee in Singapore??

Pies & Coffee is located at:

Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive 
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6570 0080

Turf City
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 288794

Tel: 6463 5573

Tanjong Katong
232 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437020
Tel: 6342 1667

Business Hours: 9am - 11pm (Daily)


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