Friday, 4 October 2013

[ Beauty + Blogger Party ] Luxe Women new outlet - Pampering session starts at Sembawang, Station 33

Ladies who love convenience and pampering session,
check out Luxe Women's new outlet located conveniently at Sembawang Mrt Station!

Easy Peasy to locate the outlet: once exit at the control station, turn left and you'll see
Station 33 Hair Salon. (no affiliation with Luxe Women but it's located inside.)
In Station 33, Luxe Women's on the left.

Bright smile from the staff and the warmth ambiance welcome you! :)

Attended the Bloggers Party organized by Luxe Women and it was totally awesome!

Scroll down to find out what's in store for us and how Luxe Women pampered us!

Specialise in:

- Wedding Nails

- Nail Care

- Nail Arts & Styling

- Treatment for Problem Nails

- Nail Repair for Damaged Nails

- Workshop & Courses

I'm awed by the creativity.

Love Hello Kitty? You can have matching designs on both your toe and finger nails!

Like a design? Just request from the talented and skilled staff or be creative and create your very own nail designs~

While we were waiting for our turn, me and Debra went to the 'next door' (all located in Station 33) to have foot reflexology.

ZuYue Foot Reflexology is the brother company of Luxe Women and I was impressed with the set-up!
Imagine enjoying your foot reflex and there's a tablet for you to play games or watch movies, isn't it awesome?

And the prices are quite competitive too!

Enjoying every moment~

After the foot reflex, we had a relaxing head and shoulder massage.

Great for people who always have stiff neck and
ladies who carry big heavy bags like me will require shoulder massage often.

After we're done, it's the other blogger's turn to try out~
See, Don and Damien (Uncletehpeng)'s excited about the foot reflex already!

Getting ready for i-SPA!

Nail Spa with 7 color LED Jacuzzi Foot Bath Therapy and back massage chair with a tablet as well!
*Only manage to take these 4 colors and it's pretty! I love colors!

Relaxing on the Back Massage Chair~

Starting with the 'Classic' - removing of the dead skin and shaping the nails.

Super clean toe nails.

Applying the moisturizing feet mask and wrapping it up for better absorption.

While my nail technician was working on my feet, I camho with my beautiful clean nails! :)

While relaxing, I was flipping through their product and service file and found that they too provide for Hens Party!! O_O!! 
*Who's next in the list to get married? We can plan this too! :)

Trying out this color for the first time. 
Am liking it! I was  always a Red or Pink person, never knew such dark color is nice as well. :)

Letting my toe nails get the cools and.. DONE!

Happy Debra!

Ready to try out the Art-Pro Nail Printing machine!

Below are the samples of the Art-Pro Nail Painting Machine!

There's many designs for you to choose from and there's even minions design too!

Chose this simple design~

Printing in progress..


It only took less than 2 mins to get the printing done on my nails.

Used my iPhone to take this picture. It's not making any justice to the pretty nails. :( 

Pretty impress with the printing machine and did I even mention is cost only S$2 per printing?!



I was pretty looking forward to try out Luxe Women because Mag Jie (Modgam) always had her beautiful manicure done at Luxe Women. I love alot of her designs such as the colorful neon face design below.

Took the photos when we met up for Attica's Smooch Party event and this was at a restaurant in Central.

This was in Attica and check out, it GLOWS! Too cute!

It was indeed a great experience at Luxe Women!
So do make appointment with them and be amazed by the pretty result!

For more designs, do check out their FB:

 Official Website:



Premium Outlet - inside Sembawang MRT (Station 33) #01-02

Tel: 6755 5586

347 AMK #01-2130 S560347 (opp AMK Hub - AMK Mrt)

Tel: 6452 1210

418 Yishun Ave 11 #01-413 S760418 (take 804/806 from Yishun Mrt/ Bus Interchange)

Tel: 6755 5539

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