Thursday, 3 October 2013

[Entertainment] Be VERY Afraid this October 2013 - Fright Nites by Sentosa 4D Adventureland gonna get you Trapped!

It's the month of Halloween.. AGAIN!

Are you afraid??

Sentosa 4D Adventureland presents...

Gotta thank the lovely people (Grace, Peggy and their team) for being such sweet host and making us feel at home. It was an awesome and fun-filled night!

Brought Susan along for some terrorific and fun times.

We're the first few to reach and so while waiting for the rest to come, we gotta take props to camho a bit. :)

Evalee, one-eyed Ballerina and Alexia

a once angelic coryphee who perished under the 
death curse by a jealous ballerina, who now lurks in the depths of a 
haunted trail, preying on innocent souls. 

Do you dance??

Susan can camouflage as one of the scare actors in 'Trapped'. Lol!

Ah... Smoky.. I thought there's only one? Why there's 2 figure??

Oh... RUN!!!  It's Hp..

While waiting to get 'Trapped', Chucky gotta come near me with knife. 
"Why? You wanna help me cut up the steak for me is it? Muahahah!"

Getting "Trapped" in progress...

"Er... yah, you're asking me to check out your toy bear's bloody heart right?"

They will leave you petrified! 

Even Susan has to raise both her hands almost throughout the trail (The staff actually told us to raise both hands if we're afraid and so that the scare actors won't come near you or touch you, apparently it's false, lol! they'll even be more than happy to come nearer to you when you raise both your hands).

And then,
We were led to the Panic House..

(Horror 4-D rides - 'Panic House' - a property turned monster attempts to trap your soul in a mansion  plagued by living corpses, flesh-eating zombies and demons.)

4D Ride
Seating Capacity: 54
10 Minutes

Be Warned!

This 4D Horror RIde moves in a flash, as your hosts morphs into a monster to destroy you! Escape OR be imprisoned forever!

* Special sensory effects include wind and motion *

Us getting all nervous and can't wait to get started!

Shall not give too much spoiler but this is one of the highlight of the event :)





And to the final stop of the event. 

Virus infected the employees of a factory, transforming them into the hungry undead. Your MISSION to be part of this 4D Gory Game to slay zombies as you defend your body and soul.

4D Interactive Game
Seating Capacity: 20
6 Minutes

You'll get really engross playing the games and.... *zip* I shall not reveal much! 
You guys gotta come down and experience it yourself! :)

"Come..Give me your soul and get Trapped with me~~"

51B Imbiah Road, Sentosa
Singapore 009708
Tel: +65 6274 5355
Fax: +65 6274 3933

 * Operating Hours  

7.00 PM - 11.00 PM
(Last ticket sale, redemption & entry at 10.15 PM)

 *Operating Days  

4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 & 27 
October 2013

* Every Friday, Saturday & last Sunday of the month *

(One-Day Adventure Pass)

Adult : S$38.90
Child : S$26.90 (3 to 12 years old)
** Children below the age of 12 are NOT allowed to go for the rides on their own and MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian for "Fright Nites", if not they will not be allowed to enter. **

* Unlimited entries on day of visit *


MRT : From Harbourfront MRT Station, proceed to Vivocity Level 3 (Lobby L) and board the Sentosa Express and alight at Imbiah Station

CAR : Drive into Sentosa and park at the Imbiah Lookout Car Park

CABLE CAR : Take the scenic Cable Car ride from Mount Faber or Harbourfront Tower 2 which arrives at the Singapore Cable Car Station at Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa

BUS : Hop on to Sentosa Bus 1 or Bus 2 and alight at Imbiah Lookout Bus Stop

* Sentosa Island admission and transport charges apply *

*Are you game enough to brave through the haunted trail?

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