Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[2013 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1] Thanks to I get the chance to see Owl City and Justin Bieber Live for the F1 closing party!

Hello everyone,
Gonna share with you all my experience at the closing party.

Every year I would attend F1 but due to some personal concerns, I wasn't able to and decided to drop the idea of going for it. I was surprise that this year, I'm able to attend twice! I'm very grateful and happy.

First thanks to Esther where she brought me out to BigBang's opening act concert! and Secondly,
I was super happy to have won the F1 closing party passes to catch Justin Bieber and Owl City, thanks to

My OOTD before heading to Marina Square to chill at Starbucks while waiting for the right time to go for the closing party. Yesh, I'm in the Ladies taking this picture.

Yeap I'm at the fan zone! weee!

Manage to only capture this picture of Owl City because it was still bright (6ish pm) and I'm literally perspiring so I'm busy wiping away my perspiration. heh heh.

Start of Justin Bieber's Concert!
All the boys and girls (or maybe majoroity are girls) in fan zone gets excited and starts to squeeze in to catch a glimpse of him.

I super like this photo because he was literally looking over to our side and this is by far the best photo I've ever taken. Clear and artistic hor? LOL!

The last time I saw his MV and all was awhile ago and I remember he wasn't that buff up that time.
Now, he becomes more matured looking and looking great, that's usually what most ladies would look for: good-looks, dance well, sing well and charismatic. He performed quite a good number of his hits such as Beauty and a Beat, Boyfriend and As long as you love me. What he's lacking I suppose is the way he deals with his relationship and the paparazzis. Hope he gets over this and start afresh :)

Wanna watch some instavideos of his concert?
Go to my Instagram and look for it! My Instagram nick is @zerikagan :)

Whatever he does, girls just scream and shout. That's how powerful his fans are.

 And this part, he took the video camera away from one of the videographer and starts to video the fans...


turning the video cam to video his abs....

and ends with a chuckle! LOL!
I was merely more into taking photos so that I can share with you guys, but when I saw such a scene, I was fan-girling already. LOL!

And the next thing was fan-service. :)
The girl is super lucky to be chosen to stand on the same stage with Justin Bieber and able to stand so close to him and even a BACK HUG from him.

Wow! I can hear those below the stage screaming at her. lol!

He's really talented I must say. Playing drums, guitar and even piano.

But one thing I was rather curious: During the concert, he kept putting his hands on his *ah hem* crouch. Maybe is because his pants is dropping? I don't know. Like he does it every 1 min or so? or like during his dance move on every song he perform? But the girls around me was really excited when he does that. hmm...

And the whole entire concert get to another new level when he took of his top, showing his Calvin Klein Underwear and his pants at 'nearly dropping state'.

It's indeed an enjoyable experience to be able to see him live.

But one thing I must say:
I saw some idiots throwing stuff onto the stage where he was performing and 1-2 of the dancers get annoyed and kick it off the stage. I'm not sure what was thrown on stage but I guess it's some of the fans who wants his attention thus does that. But do bear in mind its dangerous especially when they are performing. What if one of them accidentally stepped on it and trip/fell = concert stop? Isn't it waste of money and your time to come over to enjoy and ended up such thing happen? I mean, luckily no such thing happen but I thought Singapore is suppose to be a civilize country where we show manners and behave well?

Maybe those who threw stuff on stage are not Singaporeans, or maybe they are. But whatever it is, I do hope that no such thing will happen again.

 Luckily I don't see BigBang having such issue. If there is, I think there will be a huge commotion.

Gosh, enjoy the concert and don't create trouble yah.

These are my thoughts.

And I'm quite impress that even though Justin Bieber saw people throwing stuff on stage, he didn't get distracted or get angry. He still continue his performance and did well. Maybe that's why he gets loyal fans = his Beliebers.


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