Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore GP) 2013 Formula 1 (F1) - BigBang opening act Concert on 20 September 2013, Friday.

 It's always my wish and desire to at least see Big Bang live for once!

*yeah I have never been to any of their concerts, sad right.. :(

Everyone knows that the passes for the opening act by Big Bang sold out really quickly and I don't even have a all.


I thought I will totally miss this chance to catch Big Bang at the F1 Opening act concert.

I was already on standby (on Instagram) to check on those Instagramers who'll be attending the Big Bang's concert's Instavideo or pictures via hashtags and all. I even plan to refresh every min and second.

How sad.  :(





Good news came while I was slacking away on my couch around 8:30pm +.
(on the exact night of Big Bang's act).

Thanks to Esther, one of my mum's friend who's not only pretty, she's so cool and awesome!

She called me up and check with me whether I'm going to F1's Big Bang act.
*She thought I had passes for it but it was for the closing party - Justin Bieber and Owl City.

And when I told her I didn't manage to get any though I wish to go without knowing she's going, she extended one of her pass to me.

*Jump up and down non-stop and scream in my head!!!*

Big Bang's act was scheduled on 11:15pm-12:30pm and we only left with 2 hours to get ready and be there before the concert start!

Challenging but all for BIG BANG! <3

Pictures time!

Esther :) Thank you!

We were so so late when we reached Padang (like around 10:50pm).
The fan zone was already packed and we have to stand pretty far from the stage.

I was using Casio EX-700 camera to zoom in as much. Though is not as good as DSLR, but it's already pretty good shots despite the blurry pixels. And I was moving around that's why it' even harder to focus.

Do bear with me alright! :)



DaeSung and Top!


GD!! And Daesung looking blur~ CUTE!

GD and TOP! Omo.. Gd's cute look!

He's so swag! <3


Cool TaeYang~

Singapore = very hot!
Big Bang (Seungri) = even hotter!
Because they wanna give their very best for the concert, they sweat for us too! 

GD's every move is too Hawt!

Cute Leader and Cute Maknae!

He's being cute staring at the video-cam! 

They've performed hits including ‘Lies’, ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Stand Up’, ‘Last Farewell’ and ‘Haru Haru’. Everyone was enjoying every second of the concert with them, singing along and dancing along.

Indeed they too seem to have enjoyed themselves on stage and leave us awed for more!
It's a short time with them but definitely a great and enjoyable one. The one that impressed me was definitely Top and GD. All the members tried to speak to us in English and it was really cute!

My eyes was literally glued on GD and  TOP.
GD cause of his swagness and Top has this charisma that attracts people.
Taeyang, as usual, with his awesome dance move, Daesung and Seungri being the cutie.

Keeping all these pictures as memories and I hope I will eventually include even more memories in my blog!

*Big Bang, Please come back Singapore for another act! I'll save up to visit Korea for your concert! :)

Hope everyone had a great time at the Singapore GP Big Bang Concert too! :)

Unforgettable memories! 


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  1. Esther was very nice for to extend you the pass. I like your photos :) I also had the opportunity to watch and listen to BIGBANG the last year when they gave a concert in my country. When the curtains dropped for to start the concert could not believe that had just a few meters from me. Really that day was wonderful and unforgettable for me even though my camera failed me that I can not take photos :( but no matter because every moment lived during the concert remained etched in my memory and every time I read or listen on them as I step today to read your post fills me with emotion and the memories of that magical day come back to me. Like you, I want that they to return to my country. I want to enjoy other concert of BIGBANG. Oh yeah! ^o^!

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