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[Beauty + Holiday Special] Sephora Singapore Holiday 2013 - new brands joining the Sephora family!

It's definitely a girl's paradise when it comes to makeup and anything about beauty!
Imagine popular brands are gathered at one location and you can just shop till you drop!

Me and Deb were invited to Sephora Holiday 2013 Press day to check out new brands that will be joining Sephora Family end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 and of course, X'mas is around the corner so it means we get to see season gift packs too!

EXCITED to see what we saw?


Nah... Share with you now :)


They've launched a really pretty 'Midnight Glow Holiday/13' set which is super shimmery and gorgeous.

Really like the nude gloss as it flatters your entire look when you have a heavier eye makeup :)

The eye shadow colors are also very wearable such as the nudes and dark brown. 

And here's a picture of the MUFE Makeup Artist helping Debra to doll up her eye:

How does she look? :)
*right, she didn't smile... hmm.. move on.. 
Picture of her and the MUFE Makeup artist :)

Too Faced

This palette comes with 20 amazing eye shadow colors for you to play with (an array of nudes and intense colors such as the shimmer black and dark blue, 2 Blushers and 2 Bronzers).
*There's also a guide to create your favorite makeup. 

Looking for something compact?
Here's one with the iPhone 5 cover! Pretty cool isn't it!
The eye shadow colors are pretty too! 
There's even a matt white and a matt nude for highlighting, a light bronzer for a healthy glow and contouring, and a radiant pink blush!

And here I am trying out the Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb!

I simply like it! :)

It was a lovely sweet pinkish nude which goes pretty well with my eye makeup.
It's moisturizing, not glossy sort and if you'd like to add some shine, just a dab of gloss on your lower lips and TA-DA!

Me and the BIG EYE Palette. :) 

And it was super lovely to see Mag jie at the event too.
It's been a long time since I saw her and glad she's looking great. Please catch up soon! ;)



The cosmetic brand that's gonna join Sephora's Family VERY VERY SOON and is definitely worth waiting for..

The picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful eye shadows! :(

Intend to test out the colors but too bad I wasn't able to and also unable to take more pictures of the products because there's quite many people checking out the products too. 

I will check it out at the outlet and share with you all soon k :)


How about some lip pampering with the Fresh's Holiday 2013 Gift Set collection?

I simply love these gift sets by Fresh. Infused with natural ingredients such as Sugar and Soy, you know your skin will get cleaner and lips moisturized, and your overall look will be radiant. :)

*shall include 1 of them in my wish list.*Ah hem* 

Living Proof

It's finally coming to Singapore! 
The award winning haircare brand, Living Proof, will be hitting the shelves in Sephora in early 2014! 

Always love Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous hair? 
Well, You'll be glad that this brand is finally coming as Jennifer Aniston is the Co-owner of Living Proof!

There's so many I would love to try out!
Can't wait to check out the products when it arrives!

From Makeup to Hair, so how can we miss out the nails right?

Below are the 2 nail brands that you may wanna check out.

butter LONDON

These 3 which was pointed in the picture are the colors great for this holiday season!
I'm sure many of you ladies out there have seen this brand in Sephora. 

 butter LONDON was the first company to sell non-toxic nail lacquer in the United States.

So if you are looking for non-toxic nail lacquer, try out butter LONDON.

Another popular nail brand..

Nails inc.

Nails Inc., the UK's largest nail bar chain, has like the prettiest and shiniest nail packs of all in my opinion!

*look at those pretty snow flake and bling designs. Definitely suits the holiday season!

Looking for gifts for your girlfriends? How about the gift set below? 

Or this?
(*special nail lacquer with gelish nail effect)

Or this??

;p If it's me, I will choose the below one. Gosh.. it's mad pretty pls!

Too many to choose from!
There's still many more so go to your nearest Sephora outlet and check it out yah :)

Back to Make up!


I always love Stila's glosses and their liquid eyeliner.

And this holiday season, there's a 9 in 1 glosses pack that you can purchase and in it, 3 in a set so your girlfriend can have more lippy gloss colors to choose from :)

How about their makeup set?

Comes with 4 x 4 eye shadow colors which can be easily mix and match for different look, an applicator for picking up colors, pinkish nude liquid lipstick, blusher and an eyeliner.

The theme this time round is Masterpiece series.

eye & cheek palettes 

Be your own artist!

Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees, popular for its lip balm range, have come up with cute packaging for this X'mas. :)

Hand care set

Cute lip balms

Very bubbly look!

Last but not least..

Soap & Glory

They have the cutest name for their products e.g. Scrub of our Life, Hand Food and so on..

So cool and cute! 

And you thought they only carry body care, they have makeup such as mascaras and even lip puckers! 

Oh! and check out the gift sets they have:

Bag-full of awesome products! 

Launched in London in 2006, Soap & Glory was created to give you the best bang for your beauty 


Great alternative to gift for this X'mas!

Check out below!
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss is super awesome.

I actually won the plumper from an instant draw and tried it recently when I go out.
It really plumps your lip up and stays moisturized!

Here's Debra doing her draw:

And she got the Scrub of your life.. CUTE! :) 

It's definitely a fun evening able to see my favorite people, checking out different brands and getting to know more of the new brands that's joining the Sephora Family.

Thank you for the gifts!

I love it to the bits!

Affordable and good quality :)

nails inc.
I can have gelish nails effect without any UV machines yay!

What more do I have to say? I loooove them.

*shall review on these soon :)

Living Proof
Trial set of Living Proof products before they hit the shelves!

Amazing Cosmetics

Simply amazing!
The primer is awesome. The Mineral powder is light and set my make up well too. I use it for touch ups. :)
My mum saw the concealer and starts to tell me that she needs one and..... yes, I gave it to her. Shall ask her for her review and share with you all. lol!

Make Up For Ever
Gorgeous lip color given which is natural coral that suits many skin type.
The mascara fans up my lashes pretty well too. Shall post up photos on my Instagram soon k. :)

Soap & Glory
Like I was sharing with you all earlier, this is surprisingly good! It does plump up my lips without feeling stinging. And my lips look fuller than usual too. I have dry lips and so, I have to constantly apply gloss and lip balm but the lines can still be seen and this plumper helps to reduce the look of the lines really well! :)

I likes it, My mum likes it. I've been having late nights and been having sensitive skin which easily breaks me out. This cooling mask seems to cool my skin down. I left this tube in the fridge and apply as and when. :)

Alterna - Caviar Anti-Aging
I need this. I have oily hair and my scalp easily produce oil like what.. 3 - 4 hours? I wash everyday and the production of oil is simply unbelievable. Dry Shampoo can help me feel fresher. YAY!

Haven't have the chance to try it out but it should be incredible like what it states. :)

Percy & Reed
Haircare that cares for your tresses. Nice!

And how can I miss out Sephora's X'mas products!

Here's an idea of Sephora's products which is super nice to gift!

*(Box and ruffles are using my own. keke)

Ain't these Sephora gifts too cute?


He has a name called Beauty Bird..... or is it a She? lol!

Go check out at your nearest Sephora outlet for the latest season gift sets from popular brands such as Stila, Too Faced, Make Up For Ever, Nails Inc., Fresh, Burt's Bees, Soap & Glory and many more!
*Check out my Instagram (@zerikagan) as I always update often there! :)

Till then,


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