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[Food Review + Competition] Ramen Champion 2013 at Bugis+ Launches an "Eat To Win $10,000 Cash" Challenge!

Have you been to or taken part any food challenge where you get to take home cash or prize if you win?

I have heard of it but have never been to one before though.
And I was really glad I get to be at Ramen Champion's 1st outlet at Bugis+ and get to see how excited the contestants were while I experience the intense and friendly competition at Ramen Champion where they launches a "Eat to Win $10,000 Cash" Challenge!
Also, I was able to taste 2 new Ramen thanks to Malcolm and Susan.


Many of you would have know by now that Ramen Champion serves Ramen of high standard and quality, and its definitely one of the best place to be if you are looking to dine for authentic ramen.
Ramen Champion outlets offer diners several ramen brand names to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice!

Mr Koji Tashiro, creator of Ramen Champion was seen cheering the contestants making the atmosphere even more hyper fun.

All contestants are given a card (below is example). They have to follow the order to complete these 4 bowls of ramen from different brand, once completed, they'll get a stamp. And out of the 4 brands, there are 2 brands which is newly launched, Tonkotsu Itto and Mendokoro Aoi.

Here's they are, queuing to get their bowl of ramen.

And what was I doing while waiting for them to get their first bowl of ramen?

Of course to try out the 2 new highly raved ramen! :)

Tonkotsu Itto

Ranked as the no. 1 ramen shop in Tokyo and featured on Asia Best-Ever Dining Awards, Tonkotsu Itto’s Hakata style ramen is a popular choice among Japanese and ramen lovers.

My review: To be honest, I always love ramen and I am a sucker for the Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) soup broth and this is nevertheless one of the tastiest soup base I ever had. The flavor is rich, milky and was prepared in the traditional way.
I can imagine the collagen in the soup base being drank by me. Hurhur~

Using special Tonkotsu ramen to prep this bowl of ramen, its ramen is thin with tangy chewy texture. The thinly sliced pork is also soft, tender and the best part? the fats melt in your mouth. Need me to say more?

Mendokoro Aoi Tonkotsu

Awarded Ramen Rookie of the Year in 2012 by Ramen Walker Magazine, Chef Sakuraoka has established 20 outlets in Gunma, Japan within just 4 years. Mendokoro Aoi’s new twist on the traditional Tonkotsu is a popular choice among female customers.

My Review: Unlike many other Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) broth, this rich flavorful soup broth was added with chicken feet and pork to provide extra collagen, definitely a great combination to have. The flavorful soup broth was also added with garlic, ginger and chili paste to give an even mild spicier and excitement in your meal. A dash of specially prepared bean paste mixed with tomato and chilli is topped onto the ramen to complement the taste.
 It's definitely one of my favorite ramen by far.

I like my meal with chili and the soup broth is so tasty. The ramen was cooked just right with enough spongy and chewy texture, making it pleasant to enjoy. Slice Pork was thicker than usual and is also soft and tender. The meat together with the spicy sesame and Tonkotsu soup broth made it even tastier. 

And the egg..

It's soft and made just right though I prefer it to be more runny in the yolk.

And here, the other 2 brands ...

Menban Yamagishi Kazuo

Tonkotsu Buta God

Once they're done with their bowl of ramen, they get a stamp on their card.

Among the guys, there were a few girls taking part as well.
Near my sitting area was these 2 ladies.
Super fast and they're really good!

It all happen so fast that I haven't finish my bowl of ramen, the rest of contestants have already finished their 4th bowl of ramen. 

Here are the semi-finalist where they have to compete.
The more bowls of ramen they complete in a period of time given, they get to go into the finalist round.

The atmosphere was really intense and everyone was cheering for the contestants.
Some of them were struggling to finish their first bowl of ramen and some had already started on their third. It was that crazy! I cheered for the ladies though. lol!

Those who couldn't finish the bowl of ramen or gave up halfway, will have to remove their name with their contestant number and leave it on the bowl of ramen.

The girls are pretty strong and they really fight on to compete with the guys!

Wear the right tee to get confident and motivated! Smart!

Here's some of the contestants which succeeded in finishing their ramen on time:

Number of bowls: 6

Number of Bowls: 6

Highest number of bowls of ramen: 9

It's definitely fun cheering and be part of this challenge.

8 lucky contestants will be selected to take part in the final challenge against renowned big eater Tomoko Miyake on 14 November 2013.

She'd joined multiple eating competitions and don't underestimate this petite lady here.Can you consume 100 dumplings within 6 minutes? She'd done it. Can you consumed special handmade hamburger of 4.6kg within 60minutes? She'd done it too. 

And guess what?

She still weigh 40kg at a height of 152cm. 
I want her stomach and her figure please. :(

Contestants, it's gonna be a challenging one! 

We wish you guys good luck and bigger stomach.

For more info on the challenge, do check out:

  • DAILY 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
  • +65 6235 1295
  • 1 Kim Seng Promenade,
    Great World City #01-22,
    Singapore 237994

  • DAILY 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
  • +65 6238 1011
  • 201 Victoria Street
    Bugis+ #04 - 10
    Singapore 188067
    (Near BUGIS MRT Station)

  • DAILY 10:30 am to 11:00 pm
  • +65 6214 2958
  • 65 Airport Boulevard
    #B2-58 Terminal 3
    Singapore Changi Airport
    Singapore 819663
    (Near CHANGI AIRPORT MRT Station)

Good Luck!


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