Friday, 6 December 2013

[Food Review] PODI at Raffles City Shopping Centre - serving all day breakfast and grills

Hello everyone!
I know I've not been updating my blog as often but rest assured, I will do so now because I have many things to share with you guys!

I was invited to a newly open restaurant, setup by the Bakery Depot who brought us Cedele and now is already one month old, at Raffles City Shopping Centre, PODI earlier in October 2013.

Food and drinks which we'd tasted that night :)

I will start with the Eggs & Waffles...

Baked Egg Pots
Baked eggs with chorizo and goat cheese in tomato sauce.

Zerika says: The egg does neutralize the salty taste of the chorizo, well done on this dish but it's not one of my favorite. 

I had rose bud tea to accompany with the tasting. Rose bud tea is popular among the ladies for its beauty benefits. :)

Next up,

Duck Berry Waffle
Waffles topped with gourmet duck confit served with egg, blueberry compote & maple syrup vinaigrette

Zerika says: I would say that this dish is quite an unique one where you get to taste the sweet and slightly sour blueberry accompanied along with the waffle and the duck confit is tender enough.
This dish is a little dry and breaking the egg yolk to let it run does the trick. :)

Stuffed French Toast
Spinach brioche with eggs, smoked ham, brie cheese and maple syrup

Zerika says: This is one of my favorite dish of the night. Great for brunch and it's not just an ordinary ham and cheese sandwich, it's panned with spinach brioche with eggs and along with greens. I didn't add any maple syrup because I feel that it's taste great enough. 

Next will be the Salad...

Prawn & Crab Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, grilled prawns , crab meat, lemon zest drizzled with peppermint and lemon vinaigrette

Zerika says: I actually love greens so this is good for me. However, I would definitely love it if there's more salad dressing instead as its a little drying for me. Otherwise, its good.

Chicken Pot

Chicken thigh simmered in a pastry pot with potato and seasonal vegetables served with toast

Zerika Says: Chicken thigh so tender and yummy. The sauce is neither too salty nor tasteless, its pretty good actually. Served with toast and salad, its a healthy meal indeed.
If I were to go back to Podi, I will order this.

Argentina Sirloin Steak

Argentina steak grilled till medium with chimichurri & mustard cream sauce with 2 sides

Zerika says: Honestly speaking, I don't take beef (yes, it's because of religion) but because I want to share with you the taste of it, I had taken a small bite of it. The beef is a little tougher than I thought. I would prefer it to be a little tender than tough. it's really tiring to chew though.

(*I will only eat beef if i'm outside of house and only when it's for tasting purpose. Other than that, no..)

Alright, show you my face. haha!

If you're having beef for your meal, do remember to order a glass of wine to go along with. :)

Mexican Spiced Hat
Nigella-spiced meringue thins with 2 scoops of ice-cream

Zerika Says: This pretty decorated dessert definitely a great way to end your meal. We had sorbets that night and it was totally refreshing. How can you resist this temptations huh?
The Nigella-spiced Meringue adds a little touch of spice and it taste pretty okay with the sorbets.

Whoopie Pie
Two cake-like cookies with a creamy, orange earl grey flavored filling

Zerika Says: It looks kinda like an ice cream sandwich doesn't it? 
Well, Overall it taste not too bad but I would prefer the filling to be an ice cream or at least served cold. 

Here's a picture of us!
With HP, Justin and Joey!

With Rui Ting! :)
Great to see you all that night! :)


 #B1-45, 252 North Bridge Road, 
Raffles City Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 63365648

For more information, do check it out:

Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT


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