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[Beauty Review] Great Gift ideas for this Christmas - Harnn Angel Hand Collection Moisturizing Hand Creams

Still looking for ideas for Gift Exchange or still don't know what to get at all?

Well, you can check Harnn out!

As you all know,
Harnn is a very popular luxury Asian inspired brand that uses natural active ingredients to restore the natural balance between body, mind and environment.

And I really love their Angel Hand Collection Moisturizing Hand Creams Set which is super great as a gift!

*People know I often complain about my hands getting very dry because I work at a
 air-con environment and it's super drying for me. So this is definitely a great gift don't you think so? :)

In it consists of 3x 25g of different types of hand creams.

It's a good combination because it's in a compact size and you get to try out 3 different types at a very affordable price!


Jasmine & Pomegranate Hand Cream

The scent is not so strong yet the hand cream helps to hydrate very well.

It quickly get absorbed, not leaving any sticky feeling at all.

* Pure Jasmine essential oil tighten pores and provides delicate skin 

* Pomegranate extract nature Vitamin C & E and Tannin which enhance glorious and firming skin


Oriental Rose Hand Balm With Coenzyme Q10

Great at restoring moisture and strengthening nails!!
The scent is pleasant too!
With active ingredients such as certified organic Rose Water, Shea Butter and Panthenol, this intensive hand balm surely keep my hands hydrated and soft!

The best part? 
This hand balm is also rich in Powerful botanical extracts from Nanosheres Coenzyme Q10 and Nanosal Seaweed! 

Not sticky at all and absorb pretty well. :)

* Rich hand balm with all natural active ingredients from Organic Rose Water, Shea Butter, and Coenzyme Q10 in rich balm formulation keep hand hydrated and softened while strengthening your beautiful nails.

Tips: Apply and massage especially when you've just done your manicure. It helps to last and slows down the formation of dead skin around your cuticles. :)


Cymbopogon Hand Cream (Lemongrass scent)

I always love Lemongrass scent because it's so refreshing and it helps to relax my mind.

Nourishing hand cream with extracts from Soybean, Grape Juice, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to help moisturises, smoothen and protect delicate hands.

* Shea Butter : for soft, smooth and supple skin. 

* Cocoa Seed Butter : great for people who's living in a cold country or always in the air-con environment ( ok, it's me! haha!). It helps to rehydrate thus feeding dry and 'hungry for moisture' skin. 

* Grape Juice Ferment Filtrate: The extract from well-selected grape from Italy. It helps decrease wrinkles and firm skin-leaving only young looking skin. 

* Organic Rose Water: It is known as skin astringent that helps tighten skin.

Tips: Not only can you use it as a hand cream, you can even apply on areas where you get mosquito bites! Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent. So do keep one in your bag! :)

So I was sharing with you guys that this set can be purchased at a very affordable price.
It is at S$60! Affordable yet good quality!

*If you are already their VIP members, you can get a 10% off !

How awesome!

Here's where you can get it:

 . Location . & . Opening hours .

39 Pagoda Street 

(930am to 730pm daily)

71 Seng Poh Road #01-45 

(9am to 7pm daily)

Tangs VivoCity Level 2

 (10am to 10pm daily)

For more info, do check out: 



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