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[Food + online] Shiro Corp - Great Valentine's Day and CNY Gift Ideas - Chocolates, Macarons and Zodiac Macarons!

Hello everyone!
Gonna share with you all something which really brightens up my day!

I'd received this super cute gift from a friend during the festive season and that indeed makes me jump for joy!

I was SO HAPPY upon seeing such CUTE and yummy-looking Chinese zodiac macarons, shimmery and colorful macarons, and chocolate truffles!! Weee~!

*How to diet you tell me! Diet postponed! heh heh :)

I've tried many brands' macarons before but this definitely is my very first time seeing and tasting such cute little ones! Very creative and captures my attention straight away! 

Zodiac Macarons!

Shimmery Macarons!

Chocolate Truffles!

Brought home to show my mum and the first thing she said was," I wonder how 'I' (Her Zodiac Sign is Horse) taste like...". -_-'''

Can you figure out which is your zodiac? :)

How can I even bear to eat it!? gosh! Too cute le lah!

So I googled on the brand and realized they're actually a subsidiary company of Aztech Group!
Didn't know that they're offering such extensive premium food and desserts!

And here's the list of the 12 Zodiac's flavors:
Zodiac Rat - Cookies & Cream 
Zodiac Ox - Coffee 
Zodiac Tiger - Mango 
Zodiac Rabbit - Lychee Champagne 
Zodiac Dragon - Matcha
Zodiac Snake - Kiwi 
Zodiac Horse - Chocolate
Zodiac Goat - Coconut
Zodiac Monkey - Banana Walnut 
Zodiac Rooster - Citrus 
Zodiac Dog - Mocha
Zodiac Pig - Raspberry 

And the best part?
*No artificial flavoring and  preservatives!

Assorted Shimmery Macarons 

Tempted yet?


Chocolate Truffles

**Made from fresh ingredients and pure chocolates:
Spicy Chocolate TruffleMilk Chocolate TruffleNutty Caramel TruffleBailey’s Chocolate TruffleCoconut Chocolate TruffleWhiskey Chocolate TruffleDark Chocolate TruffleRaspberry Chocolate TruffleCognac Chocolate 

Macarons can be a little sweet so it tastes really great with Black Tea such as Darjeeling or even teas which are blended with flowers or fruits (without any sugar or milk). The combination works really well compared to having it with cuppa. If you would like to have it with coffee, do have it without sugar. 
The bitterness of the coffee will gradually reduce when you munch on the yummy macarons.

As for the Chocolate Truffle set, it's exciting to eat it when you don't know what is the next flavor you are about to taste. I like this combination which you get to taste different types of liquor chocolate truffles. I particularly like the Bailey's Chocolate Truffle, Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, 
Nutty Caramel Truffle and the Cognac Chocolate. 

I think they make really great gifts especially Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is around the corner. 

Wanna know where you can get it?


Operations & Warehouse:
1 Senoko Avenue, #03-06/07, FoodAxis, Singapore 758297
Tel: (65) 6594 2233 
Fax: (65) 6749 3083

Do check out..
Facebook: Shiro Corporation

Happy New Year~ 

Zerika Says

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