Thursday, 20 February 2014

[New Product Launch] Hello Kitty Champagne Launch by ShiroCorp at Attica, Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Hey everyone!!

Is everyone still having the hello kitty craze?
Well, something new just launched and of course it's related to HELLO KITTY!!

Scroll down to find out more!






Brought along CK,CF, CF's boyfriend, TZ, and TZ's friend along to this event.

And it's the launch party of the Cuvée Spéciale Hello Kitty by Champagne M. Hostomme at ATTICA, Clarke Quay, brought to you ShiroCorp!

TZ, me and his friends!

Uber adorable Hello Kitty Balloons and decos filled up the Attica!

Almost everyone was dressing in pink!

The pretty model posed adorably with the Hello Kitty Champagne!

And so we took turns to take picture with it. Too sweet in pink!


CK <3

Me :)

CF and her boyfriend :)

TZ's friend

Bumped onto Chewy-Jas and we came in together. Great to see her finally for so long! :)

The girls <3

Me and Desmond!
Thanks so much for inviting me and my friends to this launch party! <3

It was a night great spend with awesome company!

Even the box of the champagne is in this pretty and cute pink! 

 Cuvée Spéciale Hello Kitty by Champagne M. Hostomme! 


This high quality demi-sec Champagne is made from 50% Pinot Noir, 30% Pinot Meunier, 

20% Chardonnay and has aged for 24 months. 

Tasting Notes:  small bubbles, long-lasting freshness, Clean and subtle on the nose.

 It can be enjoyed on several occasions and is an excellent pairing with red fruit

 e.g. strawberries and even cherries!

Price: SGD 118.00
Net Weight: 750ml

To order: Click Here!!

For more info:
Facebook: Shirocorp

Till then,

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  1. Thanks for the invitation!! :) Enjoyed the pinky night!