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[Food Review+ Promotion] Yum Cha Garden at Serangoon Garden Country Club - One of the best Dim Sum restaurant in Singapore serving ala carte Buffet Dinner

Hey everyone,

As you know I've blogged on one of my favorite Dim Sum restaurant, Yum Cha previously,
(you can read about it HERE), I'm finally back to try out their signature dishes from their ala carte buffet dinner menu.

We started off with some appetizers..


Crispy Silver Fish
Crispy and not too salty. I love the fact that it's kinda addictive and it may somewhat best match with beer I would say. 

Salad You Zha Kuey
I love this. Very fragrant as it's fried and coated with sesame. The salad in it gives the whole You Zha Kuey different texture. Great even without the mayonnaise.

Sliced Smoked Duck
I'm not a smoke duck person but I understand that the process is kinda tedious and doing it right will be the key to the best smoked duck. To me, I've tried better smoked duck at one other restaurant. 

Crispy Salmon Fish Skin
Another great alternative snacks for beer. You can have it on its own or even dip it in your soup or 'Tapino' aka hotpot. 

Marinated Jelly Fish with Thai Sauce
Although it's one of the standard dish which you can get from many restaurants, it's still taste pretty good. 

Green Cucumber with Garlic
Very refreshing and it balance well with a tiny dash of garlic. 

Special Dishes*
(limited to one serving per table)

Superior Shark's Fin with Fish Maw*
Love the stock, not too thick and not too watery even after stirring. Golden mushroom's chewy texture and the fish maw tangy bites give this dish the added value. 

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper*
I'm amazed that even if it's deep-fried, It's not oily at all and it's very tasty.
Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. 
One of the dish you cannot miss!

Peking Duck
(*2 pieces per person)
 I can have the whole plate for myself! Gosh!
The duck is nicely prepared and all you need to do is spread some sauce provided or simply dip the wrap into the sauce. 
One of the dish you got to look forward tasting.

Poached Prawn with Herb Served in Bamboo Steamer*
If you love prawns, this is one of the dish which is healthy in terms of the herbs used and fresh ingredients such as the prawns.

Stir Fried Fresh Scallop with Honey Beans in Spicy Sauce*
I like this dish. The spicy sauce added was just right, not too spicy. Scallop was juicy and succulent. Honey beans are crunchy and tastes very well with rice.

Abalone with Spinach in Oyster Sauce*
One of the dish that is quite common in many Chinese restaurants but I like this dish from Yum Cha because of the quality of the spinach was good: It's not too "old". 

Special Salted Egg Prawns
One of the Must-Order dish!

On the first look: very appetizing and pretty decorated dish I must say. 
One of the highlight which I would definitely recommend.
When tasting: you don't get the strong salted egg flavor but I think it's quite well-balanced. I wouldn't want to let the salted egg flavor to overpower the prawn's natural taste.
Very tasty and succulent indeed. Downside, a little tad oily but it's all good when you have some of the 'Achar' to cleanse your palate or better yet, some Chinese tea.

Steamed Sliced Fish with Cai Poh
Fish is fresh and the cai poh adds texture and flavors to it but I would definitely prefer cod fish with this dish. 

Coffee Pork Rib
Coffee flavor is a little strong though the pork rib is tender and overall delicious. 

Fried Crispy Chicken
The chicken is tender and deliciously done. 
You got to have it with a little of the crisp flakes on top. 

Poached Spinach in Superior Stock
One of the healthy dish which you can order when you are at Yum Cha.
The superior stock used was indeed the star, doesn't taste too salty and compliments the rest of the ingredients such as spinach and chunks of garlic which absorbs the flavor of the stock. 
Wolfberries benefits our eyes! :)

Dim Sum

Siew Mai
You must NEVER miss this! NEVER!
Like I said in my earlier post, I'm very picky when it comes to Siew Mai. It's one of my favorite food since young! I love everything about Yum Cha's Siew Mai! Very fresh and succulent whole prawn was added into the siew mai and the tender-ness of the meat used was WOW~

*omg I'm craving for this right now and it's already mid-night - my current timing! >_<

Order this when you visit Yum Cha. You'll thank me for that~ :)

Beancurd Roll with Superior Sauce
Not really a big fan of Beancurd roll but this tastes as awesome. 
Love it when they have Dim Sums even during the evening <3

Custard Buns - specially ordered*
One of the best Custard Buns can be found in Yum Cha. Do have it straight when it's served. 
It tastes much better hot then cooling as the custard inside will become a little chunks

This is not in the menu but It's one of the creation you can order if you want to try. 
It's Pumpkin sauce & Glutinous rice with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
Very light and refreshing, and the best part -  not sweet at all!

That's it!

It was indeed a fulfilling tasting evening.

Here's a group photo of bloggers and friends who attended this food tasting! 

Awesome meeting new and old friends! Great catch up indeed!

And of course we have to follow the latest #OscarSelfie Trend:


Thanks Melody for hosting us that evening! :)

A la Carte Buffet Dinner

There are over 60 dishes and dim sum to choose from.

(*weekdays only, excluding public holidays)
Adult: S$33.80++
Child: S$21.80++
(*min of 4 persons dining)

Located at:

Serangoon Garden Country Club
22 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557271
Tel: 6343 1717

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 9am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm

*Closed from 3pm - 6pm daily

Do check out their FB page:

and website: for more details and updates!


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