Saturday, 29 March 2014

[iPhone Accessories Review] The Kase SG- Customize your very own smartphone casings!


I'm back again but this time around, it's not a food or beauty post.
It's something which I've never done before but it's really interesting so I've gotta share with you guys!

Just one to two weeks back, I received an email inviting me to experience creating my very own iPhone case.
All along, I'd always purchase those ready-made casings and of course, it's nothing unique and personal.
I'm very glad I get to experience the whole process!

Read on to find out more!

The Kase is an international brand specializing in fashionable and customized mobile phones and tablet accessories. Launched in France in 2012, The Kase boutiques have appeared at all corners of the globe; and currently have 2 boutiques at Singapore, Orchard ION and Parkway Parade.

And I visited the outlet at Orchard ION and to be honest, it's so easy peasy to locate the outlet! 
It's just next to H&M and you can never miss it!

I was cracking my brain on what design I would like to have it on my iPhone case and I've chose this:

I love Alpacca. It's always one of the soft toy I will wanna collect if I have space in my room. keke^^

The staff being super nice to guide me on the process...

Choose the model of your phone which you want to custom create the cover.

I'd chosen a simple matt pink cover, the white part is where the image will be printed on.

Adjusting of the design to my preference

You can add text to your image if you want.
But since the image I've chosen had text on it, I decided to skip it.

Here's how it's gonna look like on the cover.

And it only costs S$39.90!? Mad Cheap lah!

Once detected your image, we'll need to put the physical cover into the mold where it's gonna get printed. 


It's in...

Printing in progress..

And TA-DA! Fast!


The process only took like not more than 15 mins, during non-peak period.
It depends on the crowd too. :)


The 'New Born' ..*cough* new custom-made iPhone Cover! hehe

They'd even packed it in a very classy box and it's super nice to give as a gift!

Not only do they able to custom made covers for iPhones, they can even custom made covers for iPad, tablets and Android phones too!

Can't decide what design to have?
 How about some ready-made covers that's equally stylish?

Want something Rock/Gothic for your phone?


I've picked some of my favorites..

The galaxy one is my favorite of all <3

I'm so happy with the result. <3
It's very adorable and I can look at it anytime and smile.

How about getting yours done too?

Visit The Kase SG Outlet and experience it now!


Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade B1 #150-151
449269 Singapore


For more info:
Facebook: The Kase SG

till then,


  1. This is so cool! :D The alpaca is really cute :3

    1. Thanks, Laura. It's fun creating your personal casing! You should try it too! :)