Friday, 18 April 2014

[Beauty Review] Sexy Look - Taiwan No.1 Hot selling 3D Mask Brand has launched Micro Inject Mask that helps to brighten, whiten and locks in moisture!

Hi everyone!

Sexy Look has newly launched an array of facial masks that's able to penetrate into our skin more effectively for its performance!




Received the Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask for review...

Specially formulated with rice, yeast and sake kasu extract for deep whitening and skin reviving. 
It helps to boost skin's youthfulness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, keeping skin energized. 

       Do You Know?     

  • Rice extract is helpful in increasing the production of collagen maintaining skin elasticity.
  • Its Chemical structure helps in regeneration and reduces dead or damaged skin cells . Rice contains oryzanol  substances that can help renew the skin pigment and useful to counteract ultraviolet
  • Rice that contains Vitamin E nourishes the skin and makes it look younger.
  • Ferulic acid in rice is helpful as it acts as an antioxidant to protect skin free from radicals
  • Rice contains oryzanol  substances that can help renew the skin pigment and useful to counteract ultraviolet



In short,
 Rice extract helps brighten up dull complexion, gives your skin a healthy glow!

Definitely great for people like me who have dull looking skin and always looking for the easy way to get my radiance skin back! :)

Using high density double microvia invincible mask sheet with high adhesion power enhances the absorption and penetration of essence - double the effectiveness.

(the one in the middle)

Masking my face while doing massage = bliss!

I'm impress with the instant result! For me, I can see that my skin is a lot brighter than before
, and is definitely much more supple as compared before applying. I also like the fact that it adheres very well on my skin, totally complete coverage of the invincible cotton mask. Thumbs up for using natural ingredients and no parabens. An awesome mask to use before make up!

Do try it out yourself! :)

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