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[Beauty review] The Spa Lon ATP-38 Treatment - One of the best facials in Singapore


I hope everyone's been doing great!

Gonna share with you a beauty post regarding one of my favorite facials experience.

I'd visited The Spa-Lon at the Tiong Bahru Plaza Branch earlier last month and I was totally sold!

Thanks to Mag, I get to try out one of their signature treatment which not only helps in improving my skin radiance and promotes also healthier-looking skin.

Read more to find out..

I was already anticipating to try out their signature ATP-38 treatment because I want better skin!

But before everything, I was to fill up a form for record purpose on whether my health and skin conditions are suitable to do the treatment. Also, It was my first time getting my blood pressure checked for a facial experience!

They really do take great care of you! :)

Gorgeous changing room!
They even have hair-dryer for their customers to style their hair after their sessions!
No more messy hair! 

And look at those chairs... 
Shaped of a hand and definitely one of the comfiest seats I've ever sat! Cute!

How can I not take any selfies in here!
Love the place! :)

And to get ready for my treatment, I changed into my robe. :)

Mag and me <3

Was led to the treatment room and it was super cozy.

The machine that's gonna work on my skin.

Am ready to get my make up removed by the branch manager, Irene who's super professional and give great advice to help improve my skin. :) She analyzed my skin and was totally spot-on!
She was saying that I don't often go to toilet unless i'm super urgent, and I don't have enough rest and that is not right.
Cleansing is definitely one of the important step to great skin!

More often I uses cleansing oil to remove my make ups but Irene was sharing with me that it's better to use cleansing milk because it keeps our skin hydrated while removing the impurities.
Double cleansing is important especially when I do put BB creams and sunblocks.




In this ATP-38 treatment that takes about 1.5 hours and consists of 5 steps:

Micropeeling Treatment S$690.00 (4mins):
Using the finest coridon sand with this micro-dermabrasion treatment, the skin is cleansed, dead skin cells are exfoliated and fine lines removed with minimal discomfort. Pigmentation and dark spots are also reduced.

Photo Rejuvenation Treatment S$249.00 (12mins)
Discovered by NASA, this treatment utilises different kinds of light in order to re-energise, restructure andrevitalise skin cells. This results in increased collagen production and regulates melanin giving you a more radiant skin.

Radio Frequency Treatment S$890.00 (30mins)
Electromagnetic waves permeate into the deep layers of the skin, restructuring it from within. This treatment provides an immediate tensor and lifting effect to the skin, and a filler effect to wrinkles, combating all signs of aging! Unlike other Radio Frequency Treatments, this is 100% un-invasive and pain-free!
Cryocooling Treatment S$439.00 (10mins)
Eye-bags and dark circles are visibly reduced and the surface of the eye contour is smoothened. This is because the eye contour is subjected to a soothing, low temperature handpiece.
Eye-lifting Treatment S$490.00 (10mins)
Electromagnetic waves are used to “lift” the eye contour, smoothening expression lines and crow’s feet.

. Review Time . 
[Zerika-says: It's not those normal facials where the facial therapist will cleanse, tone, extract, massage, moisturize, mask and so on (not in order because some salons does some first). 
The micropeeling treatment was not painful at all and it helps to remove the dead skin cells very well without any extractions done because extractions can damage your skin if it's not done properly.
 Irene, the branch manager, was very thoughtful to let me know there might be a little stinging feeling and it is normal to feel that way. 
I'd enjoyed the whole process though (maybe my skin is thick! LOL) but overall it gives instant result and my skin was shining with radiance! 

I feel that the Radio Frequency Treatment was one of the best innovative treatment ever! 
How can it help to lift my side chin up and gave me well-tone skin in just a few strokes?!
When Irene showed the difference between my left and right, I just 'Wow!'
You guys gotta try and see the difference! Amazing!

Eye-lifting Treatment and Cryocooling Treatment are so enjoyable! 
I always neglect my eyes and Irene was telling me that eyes is important because it also shows how old you are. After the eye treatment I felt my eyes rested very well, the skin around my eyes are lifted and my eye bags seems reduced. 
Feel fresher after the whole ATP-38 treatment. 

Here's some of the treatment rooms at The Spa-Lon:

Waiting/resting area

I always believe in the experts and professionals when dealing with our skin.
Moreover we needed much care and pampering sessions every now and then to lighten our daily stress!

How about trying it out yourself? :)

 . Outlets of The Spa-Lon . 

For more information, do check out their Facebook Page:

Treatment done for Zerika:

Thanks Mag and Irene, I've learnt a lot in this session. :)
Cheers to better and healthy radiant skin!

Till then,

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