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[Sponsored Beauty Review] Matsui Hair Studio at Bugis + opening special!

Hey everyone!

Very happy to announce my new hair sponsor from Matsui Hair Studio at Bugis+.

To be honest, I am very skeptical when choosing my sponsors. 
Firstly, there must be some common interest and communications to begin with.

Secondly, whether I feel comfortable letting them take care of my hair.
This is definitely important as my hair is my everything. I'm sure you guys too.

And yeap, I am proud to say I'm very happy to work with them because they're very professional and friendly to speak with! And I trust them to let them handle my manes. :)

Scroll to read more on my experience with them:





Here's me on the way to the studio:

My hair's so dry that I can only apply hair oil after hair oil, yet the result is still the same. -_-'''

Let me start of with where exactly the studio is at:

  •  .  Address  . 


  • 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #03-15

  • Singapore, Singapore 188067

Tel: 6634 8700

Opens daily: 11am - 10pm (last appointment at 9:30pm)

Located at Level 3, It's very visible and I like the simplicity and coziness. 
It's more like an open concept but it's all comfy and cozy. :)

I like that they have a corner for lockers to let customers keep their belongings.

No matter how busy they are, they will make sure you are comfortable and whether you need more drinks.

One of the best point is that they offers coffee to their customers, great for people who feels relaxed and sleepy while doing their hair. 

They are that thoughtful. :)

Love the cozy environment here. It's more of a "home" kinda style.
No pressure and the staff here are super friendly and nice.

And here's me waiting for Apple, the manager of Matsui, and Chloe, the stylist that will be taking care of my hair from now onward.
 I was super nervous yet excited at the same time!

And they're really nice to make me feel comfortable and at ease. :)

I have wavy hair since young. Many people always tells me how they love natural curls but it's really one of the concern I always have: tangles.

Yes, Curly hair does tangles super easily if not taken care of properly.
Just look at my hair ends ohmygawd... so dry and it breaks easily. -_-'''


I'm ready for the pampering session. :)

Apple and Chloe started by re-bleaching my lower part of hair to a slightly ash color, and later touching up my top to a lighter brown than my previous base color.
 I trust them as they know exactly what's in trend and suits my skin tone+look.





After which, Chloe gave my hair some pampering treatments to keep my hair hydrated, less breakage and maintain the shine. :)

They uses good quality hair products from Japan, Caretrico Privy.

I've done some research and indeed many reviews that it does help to lock in moisture and shine, reduce brittleness, resulting a smooth, manageable, and lustrous hair.

And I tell you, It's superb!
 *thumbs up* 
Not that I'm being sponsored so I am saying all their goodness, but go and ask around the rest of the bloggers or people who knows me, I have dry and brittle hair for more than half of my life!
I love dye-ing and bleaching my hair because I constantly wants new look every now and then, and it's damaging to my hair and yet I don't really care, so long I have long hair.
I'm so wrong. *oops!*

haha.. it rhymes.. but i'm speaking the truth.

Like what Apple said, it's very important to do treatment and take care of my hair.

Who doesn't want lustrous yet healthy looking hair where you can still get to play with colors eh?

Here's what I did:

Caretrico Privy Treatment ( Japan hair products for salon use) consists of these 3-steps below:

Steps 1: Treatment Shampoo (5mins)
Steps 2: Treatment for Protein, Repair and Hydration (15mins)
Steps 3: Locking of Treatment, Shine and Smoothness (10mins)

You can even buy the Caretrico Privy Treatment Series back for home use and get the same salon quality care. :)

The results was awesome.
I was stroking my hair and there's no tangles or whatsoever.

You should seriously go for a treatment every now and then at the studio to help maintain manageable and healthy hair, or at least get the treatment series and do it at home. You will thank me. :)

Fluffy hair I have :)

Styling in progress... :)

About done...

I took loads of selfies to showcase my pretty hair. hehe^^
Super glad that my friends and love ones compliments that this hair color suits me very well, especially the ash color, and also my hair are much healthier than before.

Thanks to Apple, her suggestion really paid it off.

She was telling me that I'm fair, and warm colors will not bring out the fairness in me.
I'll look dull.

I've never tried ash colors before though I always wanted to but never got the chance. 
It's always yellowish brown with ombre pink, purple, blue, mocha brown and what else..

I'm loving my new hair color and it does shows the fairness in me.

Now I can have 3-tone gradient hair colors (From Top): Light Brown - > Brown -> Ash

Thoughtful and not only that, she gives great suggestion! 
I always wanted to try shorter hair but seriously tried a few times previously and it was a failed test.

Apple suggested to just do some trimming on my hair ends to look healthier for the first session and told me she'll consider cutting my hair shorter when I'm more comfortable. 

This is all I need.
Someone that can reassures me.

Thanks Apple, Chloe and the Matsui Hair Studio team! :)

Love how the colors accentuates my overall look.

You can have beautiful hair like me too! 






There's an Opening Promotion going on till 30th April 2014!

Go and Book your appointment with them now!

  •  .  Address  . 


  • 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #03-15

  • Singapore, Singapore 188067

Tel: 6634 8700

Opens daily: 11am - 10pm (last appointment at 9:30pm)


*There's going to be something special coming up for my readers. 
So watch out this space for more information! 

Have an awesome weekend ahead and do say 'hi' if you saw me on the street! :)

Till then,

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