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[Zerika says] My Birthday Month - April 2014: Steamboat, Mookata, K Box, Horse racing and many more memories!


It's been a tremendous awesome month (April of course) for me.
I wasn't expecting anything much because I've learnt to just enjoy whatever that I have, that I can with people that I love and loved me.

Share with you guys what I did then..  
It's in random because I cannot remember (in orders) what exactly I did! 
I'll let the pictures speaks :)



I'm always a fan of mookata (thai version of BBQ and Steamboat) and at the same time very wary of my diet. Lolol.. It's a girl's thing.

Thankfully, I get to satisfy my craving!
Thanks to my dear girl, Micole and her boyfriend, Ben, for inviting us to crash their dating night and becomes a double date night instead. hehe :)

We had our fix at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen Moo Ka Ta and I kinda enjoy the marinated chicken such as the black pepper and the tom yam chicken. The girls (me and Micole) were chatting on skincare and food while the boys (Ben and Melvin) chatting on Dota and Football.
Very typical topics! haha!

It's pretty warm there (duh!) so do wear comfy.
We had Buffet and it's about S$35++ per pax excluding drinks.

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen MooKaTa

  • No. 9 Townshend Road
  • Singapore, Singapore 207607
Phone8686 9990


Melvin brought me to Shallots at Marina Square, The Dining Edition for my birthday dinner.

It was kind of a smart casual chillax fine-dining restaurant.

He had his favorite pasta while I had a 3-course meal that consists of a soup of the day, a main course and a dessert.

I had the dessert all by myself because he doesn't take sweet stuff.
Wee~  Always have extra 'space' in my tummy for desserts even though I'm freaking full! haha!

Food wise, the mushroom soup is thick and with generous chunks of mushrooms.
The main that I've ordered was quite appetizing as well. Sweet, sourish and a tinge of spicy sauce was drizzled around the grilled fish and yeap, I'd finished them all. *burp*


  • #02-101 Marina Link.
  • Singapore, Singapore
Phone6338 5290


Had dinner on one of the Sunday with my parents at Wisma, TCC because I'm a TCC member.
I have the 50% off promotion for Birthday members on their first visit, and 30% off on the second visit during the birthday month!
Very worth! :)

I love their Baby Crayfish salad and it's a must-order dish whenever I visit TCC.
The overall bill comes up to be around S$80+-.

We really had alot for only 3 person. 


Happy because I have a new hair sponsor which I am proud to say they've rescued my manes and am loving it.

Did a 3-tone gradient, thanks to Apple and Chloe from Matsui Hair Studio.

Go check them out for a haircut, chemical services or even just a pampering treatment session!
They're the professionals! :)

Super love my hair now and can't wait for the next session!

Matsui Hair Studio
Address: 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Contact: 6634 8700

  • ***

After my hair appointment with Matsui hair Studio, BB came and have dinner with me and I was craving for steamboat so we decided to have Suki-Ya.
Oh my gawd, I am addicted to the soup base: Pork Collagen or I don't know what is that called.

If you are craving for meat, you can visit Suki-Ya. :)
They also have soft-serve ice cream to end your meal!
Part of the buffet price you paid! :)


Ever since Debra started her work, we seldom meet up but once in a while this babe of mine will pop by the shop to visit me. Thank goodness she's able to make it for dinner on Good Friday with me.

We decided to check out Shuffle Bistro Bar at Clarke Quay.
It was definitely a night to remember. Miss this girl so much.

There's a live band performance and they serve pretty extensive range of food such as
 fried rice (Chinese Style) and Italian pastas.
We also ordered a bucket of beer to chill and chat while having dinner.

Why are you looking SO Shocked?? hahaha^^

Shuffle Bistro Bar @ Clarke Quay
3D River Valley Road, Clarke Quay
#02-03, Singapore 179023
Tel: 6338 9438
Mon -Thu: 6pm - 12am; Fri & Sat: 6pm - 3am

After which, we went to Bedok Point K Box to continue our night.

I've been visiting that place for the umpteen times. haha!
Been going there partly because Ben is working there and K Box is one of the place where you can let go yourself and have fun... in an enclosed room. 

*Sorry for the low quality photos because I'm using iPhone and you know when you're drinking and laughing like an idiot in the room and trying your best to be steady while taking a photo.. it's hard. lolol!

It has become a weekend must-go place for us. It used to be at Safra Mount Faber K Box and now it's Bedok Point. It's nearer to BB and my place. :)

Some noms and beer to kick start the weekends~
We love singing to random songs and in between blasting some clubbing hits and dance along some Kpop music!

We love clean toilets. 
 love the lighting at the toilet so must do selfie. haha

Bedok Point K Box Karaoke

  • 799 New Upper Changi Road #04-09/18
  • Singapore, Singapore 467351
Phone6552 3113


My next love (food) is sashimi. I can never get enough of it!

And so Alex di brought me to Standing Sushi bar one fine day.
Invited Verlyn babe along so we can have dinner together before heading to Bedok Point K Box for singing session.

Yup, every week I'm there. Sometimes even 2-3 times a week!
 Think the staff see my face also sian. lolol!
When we reached, there's already a long queue!

Selfies while queuing.. We are that bored. haha!

Once we got in, we ordered a dragon sushi roll, 2x garlic rice, 50 slices of salmon sashimi and 3x Asahi Beer.

All for S$92 only (3pax)!!

 Look at those bellies~ *Drools*
There's promotions on Mondays and Thursdays where you get to order 5 slices of  salmon sashimi at only S$3! Good deal or what! The only minus point I hope the management can improve is.. the bad-ass queue. Takes about 40 mins - 1 hour to get a table and settle in. 

Standing Sushi Bar at Queen Street
Address: 8 Queen Street

Me and Verlyn on our way to Bedok Point for our singing fix! :)



Some random photos I took and I can't remember when because all these are taken when we're at Bedok Point K Box! lolol!

BB and his centre-parting.. so chio~

Verlyn and me on the other day!
*hope you are feeling better! <3

And she does sing with feelings. One of the great voice I've heard so far. :)

oh! I remember this!
It's my bday eve! hahaha!
Check out those noms!

And check out the two cuties below... hahaha*

The other day BB came after my work and we headed for Sushi Express at City Link.
They've had renovated and seems brighter than before.
It's one of the place we will head to if we have cravings on salmon sashimi.

This was taken the other day at Safra Mount Faber K Box while BB had his soccer fix.
 Man United rules~


It's my first time visiting Singapore Turf Club, thanks to HP and Evalee! :)

We had privileged to view the race at a comfortable settings at the Derby Room.
The crowd over there are either the owners of the racing horses or even Datuks.
Serving food and beverages such as beer, wine and juices.

There's also a booth for us to take some Polaroid pictures.

HP even taught us how to bet on the horses..
I bet on Race 6, Horse 1 Speedy Cat! lolol!

Evalee as well...

And we won because we bet on "places" which means our horse is in the Top 3 rank! :)
YAY! S$41 for just a S$5 bet! Beginner's luck they said~ hehehe^^
It was an enjoyable day spent with the right people! :)
*The guy on the left very humorous hor?* haha!

Great to know new friends! Hi dan :)

We even had complimentary Henna Art too!

It was one hell'load of fun and enjoyment at the turf club!

I'm even impressed with their private rooms where you can hold a private party, conference, and even seminar with caterings at a scenic view looking over at the course.

Photo: Celebrate the Singapore International Racing Festival in May! Join us for an array of equine related fun and activities, promotions and contests where you can stand a chance to win iPad Air and cash prizes. More info here

And it's the Singapore International Racing Festival in May! 
Join them for an array of equine related fun and activities, promotions and contests where you can stand a chance to win iPad Air and cash prizes. 
More info here:


Met up with Melody the other day and made full use of the TCC 30% off Birthday Month privilege!

Manage to guess my order?


lololol! Yup! It's still the baby crayfish salad!

Our drinks..

Melody's Spaghetti

Great to catch up with Melly and then, TZ came by and we chat for awhile before parting.

It was a great evening spent.

<3 Miss you babe~


Dearest mummy got me a fruit birthday cake and I can has skinny candles to go with it! 

Birthday outing to City Square, JB.

We were deciding where to have our first meal at City Square and I suggested Seoul Garden because I rarely go to the one in Singapore because I think I can have a better meal elsewhere.
Ok fine. It's just my thoughts.

But but....
I was calculating the price of an adult for a lunch buffet at Seoul Garden in SG and I was shocked that in JB, it's like half the price! Adults prices are only less than S$15????
The exchange rate is awesome!

Like so worth lah!
Overall is a great experience plus money well-spent! :)

In the evening, we decided to go for something light.
Okay not really light at all as you can see there's still meat.

We went to Canton-i. I remembered that Singapore has one outlet at Ion Orchard too.
It's a little pricey in SG.

The porridge is one of the highlight because my mum loves porridge and they manage to cook it right.

She's super fussy eater when it comes to porridge.

Our standard orders of porridge and XO sauce Fried carrot Cake (my favourite!).
The basket of chicken was actually a steal because there's a promotion going-on where diners with more than 3 pax who dine-in from 6pm onwards can order 1 set of that at only RM1!!
You didn't see it wrongly, it's really RM1 !!
It was a fun day spent over at JB.

But be-warned of the massive human queue at the custom, after the custom and while queuing for the buses. I tell you, I sweat like mad and we waited for almost 2 hours + then get to reach us to board the bus.


Anyhoo.. It doesn't stop us from going in to JB again. lolol!

Our mini getaway to JB <3

BB had his hair cut there at Jean Yip and looking suave.
After which, to avoid that massive human jam, we decided to take the private cars out of JB and headed to Bedok Point K box for another round. S$50 for both of us and S$20 for another guy whom we are sharing with.
Quite worth because he literally sent us all the way to Bedok Point, beating those jam and we even enjoyed the air-con plus movie "Red 2". lololol!

Met up with William, Hp, Jeremy, Ck, Kaviel for dinner at Sushi Express at 313 Somerset one evening.

We have been saying to meet up soon for dinner or chillax since last year and finally we did it!
It's a pity Evalee and Debra couldn't join us.

It was a great catch-up :)

Nope. Those ain't eaten by both of us! lolol.

Please organize another round of dinner with K session soon! :)


My hauls at Bugis Street with Melly one evening.
In love with my Inspired Chrome Hearts jacket!

Been eyeing on jackets and accessories.
Gosh.. No $$.. :(


My cute birthday cupcake by one of my part-time staff.
Thanks Amanda.
I wish you all the best and do visit me real soon!

Okay! Finally a summary of my April happenings!

Gonna be away from 11-13th May 2014 for a mini short trip to Genting with bb.

Will update you guys very soon on what we'll be doing! 

Stay hydrated my friends and readers!
Take care while I gonna share new infos and organize a giveaway soon!

Cheers! <3

Till then,

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