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[Beauty review] Biolee acnépris skincare from Korea - Helps to reduce acne using formulated Pine Pollen extract!

Hey everyone,

I'm back with a beauty post!

Lately I've been trying out a new skincare brand from Korea, Biolee, using their acnépris range.

As most of you know, my skin is always prone to acne and breakouts (yeah.. I do have hyper-active sebaceous glands and sensitive skin). 

 I have been suffering breakouts ever since I reached 18-19 years old. 
I guess it's caused by stress.

And as time passes... is due to my lifestyle.
Suffering from insomnia is no joke. Sleeping late, unhealthy diet, excessive drinking will causes your body to go haywire (uh huh, I'm talking about myself).

Acne is really one thing that I'm always concern. It DE-motivates you and making you feel low self-confidence. But with proper skincare regime and healthy diet, it can still make a whole lots of difference. 

That's the purpose of this post. :)

Introducing Biolee acnépris skincare...

acnépris dramatically reduce Acne using natural and effective “Pine Pollen Extract”

Formulated for treating acne problems of women in their 20′s and 30′s. 
acnépris is a quality natural cosmetic brand that does not contain chemical such as salicylic acid and triclosan, normally found in other treatment cosmetics.

The main ingredient of acnépris is “Pine Pollen Extract” known has excellent antibiotics and
anti-inflammatory effect against propioni bacterium acnes (the most common form of acne bacterium).
Just as cotton worn close to the skin is better than polyester, so too, natural ingredients are better than chemicals in skincare.

Scroll down to find out more on the products...



Purifying Foam Cleanser -  SGD$ 35

Perfect for sensitive skin, this gentle cleanser is hypoallergenic yet effectively able to deeply cleanse away makeup, oil and dirt. The gentle foam glides perfectly onto your skin, softening and cleansing away bacteria to reveal a fresher and cleaner complexion without drying it out.

Zerika-says: Super love the after-wash feeling, clean and fresh yet non-tightening. 
Skin feels softer as if I've just applied some hydrating serum.
So far so good as it doesn't break out even on my sensitive skin. 

A dollop of it is good enough for cleansing the whole face!
I think this tube can go a long way :)

Control Skin Toner - SGD$ 42

Using natural pine pollen to control surface oil, this light weight and oil free toner, revitalizes and hydrates your skin, giving it a radiant glow.

 Zerika-says: I like to soak loads of the toner on the cotton wool and pad it gently all over my face and concentrating more on those areas with clogged pores. The cooling sensation was great and it doesn't feel stingy or drying out my skin after application.
This is a MUST-DO step!
I've learned from some ladies that they don't apply toner.
It helps to prep your skin for the next skincare. It is your necessary second step after cleansing to maintain the right PH balance and prevent irritation for your sensitive acne/oily skin.

Esthetical Peeling Gel - SGD$ 35

This peeling gel does not contain any scrubbing grains, using only natural cellulose to eliminates dead skin cells and enhances cellular renewal. Using it once or twice a week with this gentle exfoliating gel will helps minimize pores and clear blackheads, thus gives skin the healthy glow.

Zerika-says: Pretty gentle and you can see those yucky dead skin coming off while massaging.
It doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin and it seems to lighten some of my acne scars.
I'm using every alternate days (probably about 3 x a week) because I'm always wearing make ups.
My skin does feel softer as well.

Dramatic Spot - SGD$ 48

Helps to clear stubborn, recurring acne without scarring.
Can be directly apply on infected areas, on face, chest and back.
The natural pollen extract helps to reduce acne on dry and oily skin.
Definitely great for people who are sensitive to either Salicylic acid, Triclosan and Antibiotic.

Zerika-says: so far I'm using it only during the night. It does help to reduce the size of some stubborn acnes on my skin. Easily absorbed. I guess I should apply it before my makeup as well so that it can also fight those acne bacteria in the day too. :)

Oil-Free UV Protector -  SGD$ 35

Extremely lightweight formula with high level of daily sun protection for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. No shine and sticky feeling. Best part: Preservative free, Oil free and non-comedogenic!

Formulated with Portulaca extract:
-  help treat the skin conditions dermatitis and psoriasis
-  has a soothing effect, making it a useful treatment for inflammatory skin injuries,
such as boils and cuts.
- As portulaca is a natural source of vitamins A, C and E, and the co-enzyme Q10,
it is an excellent antioxidant, fighting premature aging and protecting the skin from
environmental damage.

 Zerika-says: I'm always in the search of a good sunblock for my skin. 
It's always either too oily or too sticky and causes breakouts. 
Sometimes I even give up applying sunblock (please don't follow me!) and it's bad!
You need sunblock to protect your skin from those harmful rays!

I'm quite impressed with this sunblock as it doesn't break me out like others I've used despite them claiming they don't and is good for oily and sensitive skin blar blar blar...
I've been religiously using it daily for a month plus before my makeup and so far so good. :)
Since the day I received it, it's been a part of my daily Day Skincare regime. :)


*Disclaimer: Though items are sponsored by Biolee, I reserved every right to review the products in my utmost honesty. 

But do remember: Every skincare products from all brands work differently on everyone. 

If you're interested to try it can check out the products:

Where to buy...

John Little Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #02-238, Singapore 039594

Tel: 6212 9200
Open 10.30am – 10.00pm Daily

John Little Plaza Singapura 

68 Orchard Road #01-10 to 22, Singapore 238839

Tel: 6278 4649
Open 10.30am – 10.00pm Daily

Check out and do follow Biolee's FB page and website to find out more!

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