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[Tech Review] The Entertainer app experience at Extra Virgin Pizza - buy one get one free vouchers and redeem it at your favorite restaurants, hotels and spa!

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Wanna know the best way to huge savings?
Read more to find out how!




About The Entertainer

Founded in 2001 by Donna Benton, The Entertainer provides ‘buy one get one free’ incentive vouchers from well-known dining, leisure, entertainment, and hotel brands across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Packaged together and published as market-specific books and now as an easy to use app, the Entertainer has enjoyed phenomenal growth by virtue of a strong partner network, a burgeoning corporate loyalty business and a broad base of delighted customers.

The Entertainer vouchers always provide ‘buy one get one free’ offers that are valid for one year with high value spa treatments, hotel room nights and main courses on offer.

Both the full package of offers for the app and the book will be available for purchase through the app and via the Entertainer website:

The book also available for sale in Kinokuniya bookstores.

Priced at SGD95, the Entertainer Singapore will contain over SGD150,000 in savings.
Customers can decide to purchase either the mobile package of offers for the app or the book depending on their preference, as each will contain identical incentives.

You can expect brands such as Ben & Jerry's, Brewerkz, Spa Symphony, Au Petit Salut and many more.
There's even offers for leading hotels throughout the region including Sofitel, Angasa and Banyan Tree.

Once purchased, the offers in either the app or the book are available to redeem from 2 January 2014 through to 30 December 2014 (12 months).

Having entered into Asia in 2013 with the launch of The Entertainer Singapore, the brand continues its Asian expansion plans with the launch of the Entertainer Malaysia and the Entertainer Hong Kong also in October. By the end of 2013, the Entertainer will provide its ‘buy one get one free’ offers across 26 destination specific mobile packages and books in 23 destinations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Was invited to try out the app at one of the restaurant, Extra Virgin Pizza, which is also catering the same promo for their customers using this app!

Asia Square Tower 1 #01-04 

United Square Shopping Mall #01-14

Brought along my girlfriend, Verlyn also a pretty beauty and lifestyle blogger, to the event. :)
We visited the outlet at United Square Shopping Mall.

Glad to see mag jie there too! 

Some FAQ:

1. How much is The Entertainer Singapore?

The Entertainer Singapore is available in two versions – a state-of-the-art app and a book. The app is a free download with between 5 to 10 free trial offers per month in October, November and December. On November 1st, the full package of offers contained in the Entertainer Singapore – over 1,065 offers – will be available for purchase. The full package of offers for the app and the book are priced at SGD95. However, customers who purchase the app in the introductory offer period starting November 1st, will be entitled to a 40% discount (SGD57). The same discount will be applied to any purchases of the book through the Entertainer’s website.

2. Where do I buy The Entertainer Singapore?

The Entertainer Singapore app will be available for free download from all app stores from iTunes to Blackberry to Google Play. Once downloaded, users can enjoy 5-10 free offers per month for October,
November and December. The full paid package of offers, will be available for purchase through the app as of November 1st, 2013.

The Entertainer Singapore book will be available for purchase from Kinokuniya bookstores and the Entertainer’s website: After the introductory 40% offer period, all books ordered online are 10% off the purchase price.

3. What makes the Entertainer different from group buying sites?

The key differentiation between the Entertainer and daily deals or group buying sites is that the offers are extremely user friendly and are virtually unrestricted:
* All offers are valid for a year – 2 January through 30th December 2014.
* All offers are valid 7 days a week, excluding public holidays.
* Vouchers can be used in multiples – each merchant provides three ‘buy one get one free’ offers which can be used at the same time.
* A maximum of four vouchers can be used for a party of eight.
* Vouchers can be used with no advance notice or pre-booking (excluding hotel accommodation and spas). Booking terms that would normally apply for any of our merchants would of course be observed.

4. How much will I save by using the Entertainer Singapore?

Every voucher entitles the user to a ‘buy one get one free’ offer. In restaurants it is typically for the main course item, therefore the user (with a companion) can get two main courses for the price of one, and can use multiple vouchers in one sitting – up to four vouchers for a party of eight. The total savings contained in either the app or the book amount to over SGD150,000 for over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ incentive vouchers. We anticipate all customers will quickly redeem the cost of the app or book in just one or two transactions.

5. Do I need to buy both the app and the book?

No. Both the Entertainer Singapore App and Book contain exactly the same deals. Choose either the app or the book depending on your preference and ease of use.



It was fuss-free to use the app!
All you need to do is just browse through within the app on your favorite category, purchase the offer, visit the restaurant, show your offer voucher to the staff and they will acknowledge it and... TA-DA!


1. The Entertainer App is free to download -
Featuring free buy one free offers, you can trial select offers for free to ensure you’re happy with the redemption process.
Download for free from iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry World.

2. Share the product with family or friends –
Download the app, sign in with the account holder’s login details, and you can access your offers from any device. In the second release, as the account holder, you will be able to approve up to three additional usernames to access your offers.

3. View your offers by location –
All your offers load in proximity to you or you can view the Entertainer map which features individual pins for every available Entertainer offer!

4. Exactly the same offers as the book –
Mobile product includes the same offers, three per merchant, available to redeem for the whole of 2014.

5. Track your savings each time you use an offer –
After every redemption, you’ll see your estimated savings. The Savings Calculator function allows you to see just how quickly you redeem the cost of your Entertainer product, and how much you save throughout the year.

6. Access 120 buy one night get one free hotel offers –
New for 2014, every Entertainer feature a Hotel Supplement which is available for redemption on the App. Ideal for staycations or exotic breaks, the Supplement includes 4 and 5* hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean.

7. Additional Members Offers –
All Entertainer Monthly Member Offers (additional buy one get one free brunches, activities, massages and more) load directly onto your phone, instead of having to print from the website!

8. Merchant page –
Every merchant has its own page which features a link to their location on your map, a short description about the restaurant and the ability call the venue directly from the App.

9. Going on holiday? –
Access free Members offers in Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town and more on your Entertainer Global app!

10. The Entertainer is continually developing and improving the App! – for the next release of the Entertainer App, the Entertainer is working on an advanced search and discovery function and the ability to sign into the App with your Social Media accounts.

For a video of how the Entertainer App works, please visit

For further information, please visit:
website: and Facebook:

Thank you Alvin and Team, and Extra Virgin Pizza for having us!

It was great to learn about this new app and catch up with friends and love ones <3!
Shall start and plan my next restaurant hunt using this app! teehee~

Till then,

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