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[Food Review + Promotions] Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf at Robertson Quay, Singapore

Hey Everyone,

It's been a long time since I review on food.
So here it is.. One of my latest find which located conveniently at Robertson Quay.

Introducing Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf...

You might thought an Oyster bar only serves oysters but it also features a fusion of Japanese and Western dishes, seafood and tapas.

They too have an extensive range of Mojito that suits every individuals!

I chose Yuzu Mojito for the night because it was recommended by dearest Stella, the host of the evening. :)
It's refreshing and citrus-y, yet have that little kick in it! :)
Great pairing to go with your oysters.

Yuzu Mojito is just that one out of the many 100 different types of mojitos they offer,
did I even mention they too have an international collection of 100 wine, mocktails, beer, beverages etc....!!

How can you go to an Oyster Bar without trying their Oysters?!

And the best part is that they serve it with truffle oil! 
Raw Oyster Platter 
($36++ for 6; $69++ for a dozen)
Sauces: truffle oil, ponzu 

It's pretty common to pair your oysters with Tabasco sauce.
Do give the truffle oil a try. Taste flavorful and you'll be impressed :)

[Do You Know?]

Oysters are filled with health and beauty benefits!
Oysters are low in fat, high in protein, an aphrodisiac and a good source of essential nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium!
oysters are loaded with zinc and when combined with Vitamin C, this helps to increase elastin production. (Elastin is an important skin protein.)

I'm so gonna benefit by eating this oysters! COME TO ME~ 

Brought along Melvin as he has never tried oysters before.
He was telling me how oysters might taste like and how slimy it is when it's raw and blar blar blar..

But when he tried one of the fresh oysters, he didn't stop there. 
He was totally sold!

See how happy he is.. haha*

Scallop and Mushroom Ajillo ($12.50)
Slightly saltish but the fragrant of the garlic olive oil will make you want to have more.
I kinda like this dish, You can have it on it's own or dip the bread into the sauce. 

Wharf Fried Oysters  (2pc $9.90, 4pc $16.00)
If you can't take any raw oysters, this is definitely good and worth trying.
Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and the best part: Freshness still stays! 

Grilled Oyster Platter ($8 each, 4pc $28)

The grilled oyster platter will definitely satisfy your taste buds!
You get to choose 4 ways of preparing your oyster; Garlic Butter, Lemon, Egg Miso and Ponzu

Wharf style Quesadilla ($16.50)

If you like to have some tapas to share with your kakis, try this.
Slightly oily but the mojitos will wash the oiliness away. I'm not really a fan of tapas but Melvin was raving saying that this is nicer then the one we tried at some place previously. 
He has a picky taste bud too so.. yup. haha!

Want something light?

 Steam Bagna Cauda with original sauce ($16.00)
Sauce contains: Anchovy, garlic, White Wine, Milk, Butter

Dipping your steam greens into the thick original sauce or just having it on it's own.
The sauce does not overpower the natural taste of the veggies and still keep its crunchiness.

 Traditional Homemade Sangria ($8.80)
Red/White Wine punch with real fruits such as apple and pineapples.
I like the red one more than the white though. 

 Clam steamed with white wine ($16.00)
The sauce is the ultimate kill! It has garlic butter thus the flavor was so strong that you just want to have more. One of the dish I'll go back for. 

 Grilled Iberian Pork with Fond De Veau Sauce ($22.00)
Another one dish I will go back for because its really tasty, the meat is so tender and flavorful. 
Love the crunchiness of the meat and the sauce goes very well with it, even Melvin loves this dish alot. :)

 Truffle Flavor French Fries ($14.00)
You can never say no to truffle fries! 
It's definitely one great sides to go along with your mojitos or drinks while chatting away. 

 Garlic Butter Rice ($12.00)
I've always love garlic because of its health benefits and also the flavor that helps to enhance every dish.
This is one of the dish that's flavorful enough and it does fill you up.

Indeed another great experience!
*I'm already drooling for more oysters as I type!*

Check out their Facebook Page and Website for more information!

Only for you!
Now till 27 August 2014, Wednesday!

Simply LIKE Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf’s Facebook page and 
mention me (Zerika-Says) to be entitled to 1 complimentary mojito drink per pax per dine-in session!

Very good deal!

Located at:
  • 60 Robertson Quay
  •  #01-01, Quayside Singapore
  • Singapore 238252

Contact: 6235 2466

Till then,

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