Friday, 12 September 2014

[Lifestyle] For all the Aries out there, do you feel the same way too?

Something I've been reading on and really states what I am and how I feel.
I'm an Aries if you're wondering :)

There's a saying about being a strong minded woman need not a man to begin with. But well, deep down in all women, we still need love, care and concern. If a man can pamper us and love us whole heartedly, why not right? But how about getting to know a guy and how to know if the guy is really committed? It's really a 50/50 risk.

Lately, I've been very into horoscope, not because I really trust it but it seems to be quite accurate when its talking about me, myself. Okay I give it a 70 out of 100.
I'm quite an aloof person if I want to, hot and cold sometimes and when I'm into the mood, I'll be the most noisiest person running and hopping around hoping that whatever I do will lighten the mood.
I like people around me to be happy and have fun.
I'm that kinda girl.
But recently, I was quite upset about relationship issues.

Nope, not about me and Melvin.
We are fine. We learn to give and take.
We learn to be honest and take things one at a time.
We prioritize our time for each other, we accept our flaws and learn that human makes mistakes.
But there are times, I'll start to feel whether I'm wanted, whether things I've been doing are right and will he appreciate or take me for granted. Blame it on PMS. -_-

But I'm glad that we still stay strong despite most people around us literally condemn on our relationship just because of our past. Who doesn't have past eh?
The most important thing is that we know we have each other, we know we need to grow up and think for our future.
"You'll change when you meet the right person."
My questions starts now...
Why do guys can't be truthful to their girlfriends?
Saying they're home but they're actually out with friends drinking or chilling?
Saying they're busy when they're actually meeting their friends having fun?
Demanding and expecting their girlfriends to make it up to them when it's obviously his fault for not prioritizing his time well?
Why do guys like to take girls for granted?
*I'm not saying all guys, but a specific some.
I just feel that Relationship takes 2 hands to clap!
If you pamper your girl, she'll love you well.
I posted an update not too long ago in Mandarin about how to care and love your girl:




So there's this phrase which very accurately talk about what I feel and what I am:

"不要對白羊座撒謊 其實白羊座心裏清楚得很,只是都不說;他們習慣了默默地承受一切,就算生氣也會為對方找各種理由;原諒對於白羊座來說並不難,因為他們只會讓自己受傷,而不會去傷害別人。不要欺負白羊座,對他們而言,最好的報復不是沈默,而是離開。

Let me know how you are feeling currently.
Feel free to comment below.
I hope you guys will be happy always.
Meet the right person, love him/her well.
Take Care~
Till then,

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