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[Lifestyle] Food, Thai Clubs and Happenings in Singapore and Malaysia, July 2014

Just a mini recap on what I've done during July this year.

It was one hell'lova great and fun time with my love ones and friends.

So much happenings just within July so here I am gonna share them with you. :)


Me and Melvin went to catch Transformers: Age Of Extinction at Cineleisure's Cineplex Platinum Suite as part of the birthday celebration of our dear friend, Jim on 1st July.

Definitely my first time and a memorable one!
Imagine the whole ambiance was so cozy, with reclining chair and blanket to keep you warm, you can even order drinks and food to accompany you during the whole movie experience. 

Me and Melvin ordered a can of beer each and my favorite truffle fries! 

Of course the price will be much more pricier than the normal standard weekday/weekend movie tickets. But for me, it's an unforgettable experience. 

I'm very glad to have spent that awesome night with my love one and friends! <3

* * * * * * * 

Then, It was Melvin's very good friend, Louis's wedding in KL.

We stayed 3D2N at The Yard Boutique Hotel KL (booked the whole entire boutique hotel which consists of 11 rooms in total) which is super near to the Jalan Ah Lor food street!

 Ended the second day; wedding night with a bang with cartons of booze, snacks and even hired a live band to perform at our boutique hotel.

Very first experience and it was super fun!

Tried new drink at Melvin's favorite KL Wanton Mee Stall.
It's actually Tea with Milk and Gula Melaka.
Slightly sweet but it's yummy!

Even when we're in another country, we still can't let go our love for salmon sashimi.

His favorite tuna sushi.

Here's the look of the day at the wedding dinner:
With my dearest girlfriend, Micole.

Love her to bits! Cute ain't she? :)

with my two favorite people!

My love. <3

And I even got a new darling alpacca thanks to Melvin. So much love!

I'd even named it as La La. She's super flexible! haha!

Like the way how Melvin 'communicate' to La La. LOL.
He really added loads of laughter and joy in my life.

Thanks bb. Thanks for coming into my life. Love you always <3

* * * * * * *

Manage to 'book' my dearest Mag jie out for a quick lunch catch up!

We went to Shikshin Korean BBQ at Tampines 1 for lunch.
Spent the time chatting and nom-ing away.

Miss those days we have much more time for each other. Now, we have our own commitments (work, family, relationships...) thus is super hard for us to organize a meet up. 

Definitely appreciate and happy to even manage to prioritize time out for this short catch up!

Again please! :)

* * * * * 

I used to go clubbing kinda often with my girlfriends and if I were to choose now, I would prefer to go singing and drinking instead. 

Maybe it's cause of my age. No longer that flexible. LOL.

Neh, It's just cause I no longer enjoy those crowded places where people get high and drunk, and starts to push around and ended up fighting.

So one of Melvin's friend was suggesting to 're-visit' Butter Factory and so...

The crowd was still as rowdy and dance floor is packed as usual.
But all in all, we still did have a great time laughing around, drinking and dancing!

Great to catch up with Cookie sweets!

*Thanks my dearest for being there and taking care of me the whole night <3

We should plan one round to Zouk before it closes pls.. 

* * * * * * 

My all time favorite steamboat at Liang Seah Street.

Melvin wasn't keen on steamboats before being together with me. After knowing that I love it alot, and I do crave for it quite often, he'll bring me to have it so that I can be a happy girl. Sweet right? 
Haha Okay, there goes my diet. LOL.

Alot of time, people will comment saying that having steamboat buffet often is very fattening but if you choose your food wisely such as having more veggies and chew more than you put into your mouth, then it's fine.

I usually cut down on my food intake the next day after having steamboat so I rarely gain that extra weight.

I only gain weight or rather, gain water retention when I'm about to have my period.

Do you have such problems too?
Sad case but true, we just have to live with it. If anyone of you know how to get rid of water retention, please share with me, okay? :)


It was my very first time to Jupiter at Orchard Towers.

It's a Thai club in Singapore and one of the recommended club to visit by Nicholas (Ben's Bro).

We had great time chilling, playing games and drinking till we don't even know what we're doing. LOL!

It was an unforgettable night because... Shshshssh! That's our secret! hurhur^^ 
Those who been there with us will know what exactly happened. Shall not comment further. *muahaha*

 The drinks there is rather cheap! 1 for 1 Courvoisier for $198 before 11pm!

What a deal!

We'd been to a number of Thai clubs and this is definitely one of the most affordable one!

And so, this is my mini updates for July.

I'll be back for more updates! <3

Till then,

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