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[Beauty Review] Mordecai Skin specializes in skin treatment such as acne at an affordable price!

Hey everyone,

Gonna share with you my experience at Mordecai Skin earlier last month.

It started 3 years ago with the main concept of building confidence among people who have skin problems (like me *sad face*) and are often with low self-esteem. 

Mordecai Skin is a skin-treatment company which specializes in the treatment of male skin condition such as acne treatment, acne scar, hair removal, Singapore men facial and also for the ladies too!

It's already hard to treat male skin conditions because of the hyper-active sebaceous glands, so if they can help the guys, why not the ladies right? :)

The Founder of Mordecai, Mr Lam Yuen Foong, explained to me on how Mordecai Skin works and how different they are. It was really nice to know they're very customer oriented and they too love to hear customers' feedback. That's one thing for sure not many salons does that. Mostly, the facial therapists will analyse your skin conditions, explain your concerns and lead you to buy beauty products that claim will help your skin, on top of purchasing facial packages that costs a bomb.

They have promotions for Wednesday!

There's even a cost breakdown too.

Josie, the Manager of Mordecai, went through my skin conditions and analyze for me on what might cause my breakouts.

She was really patient and even encourages me that though acne will take its time to heal,  so long I am doing the right regime, rest enough, drinking more water to hydrate myself and having balance diet, it'll help to clear much faster.
Those words, indeed makes me feel much better and I'm already looking forward to a clearer skin soon!
*Acne doesn't heal overnight, it can take weeks, months or even years to heal. Most importantly is faith and doing it right! :)

I love the fact that they're not pushy in asking me to get packages (I was the one who was super interested in getting 3 trials so that my skin can be cleared, which I did and paid for it!) They also discourages if you tend to want to buy different packages because they want YOU (the client) to see results yourself and not rushing to buy unnecessary facial packages and ended up not going for it or it doesn't even help on your skin conditions.

And another best part of getting packages from them:
They are super flexible on the machine they use, which means, they'll follow your skin conditions for the day and change your facial treatment accordingly just so you don't have to buy another package or top-up. 

They believe in extracting as it helps to clear the impurities in the pores so that it'll not re-occur again.

Using products that is Organic, no Petrol chemical in products and treatments and on top of that, coming regularly for facials and following the tips given will definitely help tremendously!

Great to know:
Mordecai Skin is also involved in charity activities such as distributing food every week. 

Yeap, I actually bought 3x trials with them and I never regret it. :)
So basically I'm a customer of Mordecai Skin.
(Who says Bloggers are cheapos!? Not all okay! 
Definitely not me because I shop alot and that's my passion! keke)

Thanks Mr Lam and the Mordecai Skin Team!

If you're keen to check them out,
You can read more at !

or visit them at:
Mordecai Skin

Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 
Singapore 560728

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Closed on Sunday &  Public Holidays

Tel : +65 6456 0900 , +65 9186 6098
Email :

Fun Fact!! Mordecai is a Jewish name and a real historical character in the Bible! 

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