Tuesday, 29 January 2013

[Food Review] CLOSED - BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ and Steamboat at Toa Payoh ERA Centre!

I am always a fan of Korean cuisines, be it their steamboat or BBQ or even their traditonal specialties.
It's just so yummilicious!

Okay just say i'm really tam jiak when it comes to food. heh heh..

Well, I was really happy to be able to try out this "BIG and HUGE" Korean eatery at 
Toa Payoh ERA centre with Mag and MSK.

In what sense?


Not the popular uber-hip Kpop Boyband "BigBang" but it's the 
BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat!

Omo, I'm hungry already...

And I need to show this to you guys..
These are actually seats and it's so unique and really thoughtful!

Why I say so?

Look below..



The top part is actually a seat cover, remove it and you can place your bags in it!
 It's a wonderful idea to keep your bag safe and you don't have to worry that it might get stained by the BBQ oil-spots.

Check out the buffet spread!
Not only do you able to find the raw marinated meat and veggies for BBQ and steamboat, 
there's even cooked food.

Daboki (Spicy Rice Cake) and Braised Pork Belly

Fried Sweet Potato and Korean style Vermicelli! 

Kimchi Pancake and Kimchi Fried Rice
And here's the assortment of marinated Beef Belly, Bulgogi Beef, Herb Garlic Pork Collar, marinated chicken, Pork Belly and so on...

Sauces on the right~

Veggies and they even have pumpkin too!


The popular korean ramen is available as well!

Seafood such as squid, prawn, crab sticks, fish balls and many others!

So here we go....

The handsome staff helping us to fill the soup in the steamboat pot.

And brushing a layer of oil on the BBQ pan..

That's a whole lot of meat and food we gonna stuff ourselves with!

Free Flow of Barley drink!
Taste similarly to the lemon barley from Yeo's.

Hello.. Do we look korean to you? 
 Here's the food served:

Daboki aka Spicy Rice Cake!  

Though it might look like as if its just rice cake and spicy sauce, it still taste pretty good but of course, it's not the best I've tried so far.

California Sushi

It's really sweet of them to served California Sushi  to their customers, because I myself don't usually eat rice but sushi, I eat! haha!

Kimchi Pancake

Eat it while it is still warm, that's for sure if you want to taste the flavorful kimchi pancake.
It's not that crispy and oily compared to some eateries. 

Kimchi Fried Rice

I do enjoy this dish though mainly because I love kimchi~ <3
It is delicious when it's still warm and I love how they mixed it with the kimchi. 

And we are privileged to try out the 2 different types of korean rice wine.

This is the traditional korean rice wine which you have to pour into the pot and stir, and serve in a bowl.

Check out how it is done below:

Sweet and kind manager showing us how to prepare the traditional rice wine :)

A Toast to everyone!


The taste of this traditional rice wine is rather smooth and it's not the kind of rice wine which you will feel the strong alcohol taste at the back of your throat.
 I kinda like this!

And next up is the Korean most popular - 


This is also another version of Korean rice wine however, the alcohol level and the taste is stronger, that's why they used the shot glasses instead.

You have to drink the Soju at one shot and do note that it's pretty strong in alcohol content for some.
*for me, It's strong enough to make my face rosy! hehe! I prefer the traditional version better.*


Enjoyed myself with the right awesome peeps! 
Super nice and yummy food!

What about steamboat?
Steamboat is a little norm to me as the soup base is not as flavorful but I guess we can create our own flavorful soup base by adding prawns (must remember to separate the "prawn head" so that the soup will have a strong prawn-y taste, which indeed taste awesome!), crab sticks, meatballs, squid and many others to  are added into the soup and made it even more flavorful! 

Whereas for the BBQ, the meat is fresh and definitely the highlight of the meal!
 I tried BBQ-ing mushrooms, pumpkins, of course the pork is uber marvelous, and marinated chicken, all is uber yummy! 

*When we arrived at the eatery, the place was filled with customers and you can really see guys at the buffet corner piling up their meat! And everyone was laughing and chatting, and they seems enjoying themselves!

In my opinion, this is a good place to come if you are looking for affordable buffet BBQ & Steamboat. It's not only a place for food, it also a good place to chat and unwind over a drink or two after work with your friends and colleagues. 


And there's an on-going promotion for Tuesday!!

Enjoy 50% off before service charge & government tax for the forth person who dines with you!

*Only applicable for adult buffet
*Valid for every Tuesday lunch & dinner buffet only
*other T&C applies

So where exactly this place located??

Where? 450 Lor 6 Toa Payoh ERA Centre #01-11
Singapore 319394

Monday - Sunday 11am - 10:30pm

Price Range per pax? S$10 - S$30
(subject to individual's order)

<3 come try this place out! <3


  1. Missy GraceL2/05/2013 2:53 pm

    wow, yummy. will definitely bring my family there to dine.

  2. I miss eating at this kind of Korean BBQ because it's so yummy! To cook your own meat and drink soju is the best! Just need a movie now LOL! nah friends are better right? ;D