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[Food Review] Muthiah Restaurant - Working or staying in the East? near Changi Business Park? Love Indian Cuisines? If yes, then hear me out :)


I'm back with a food review and this time, it's one of my favorite: Indian Cuisines.

Thanks Susan for inviting me as her guest and it was totally enjoyable.

Muthiah Restaurant

Situated at No 2 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-05
it was like a hidden gem in the East opened on 10 June 2013.
The newly opened restaurant, specialized in Chettinadu South Indian Cuisine, was a little hard to find at first due to the construction site taking place nearby and it's right at the end of the block.
Do ask around if you're not sure where it is.

Cozy corner if you are looking for just a place to chill with your friends and love ones.

And guess what...

It's also the only place in Singapore that offers for charging your phones with just a simple device. You can charge your phones while having your meal at Muthiah restaurant, without those unsightly wires! Cool huh!

Here's what I had that evening:

Lemon Pudina (Mint & Lemon Juice) $3+
Mango Lassi $3.20

Ah huh.. wondering why I am having 2 drinks? It's my job to tell you how it taste like right :)
The Lemon Pudina (on the left) is uber refreshing, not too sour and not too sweet, just nice~. The Mango Lassi, on the other hand, is a little sweet and not that cold. I believe if the drink is chilled rightly, it should taste awesome.


The favorites. I always ask for more because it's like an indian version of chips. I like it! :)

Fish Head Curry $23

It's quite a good portion for the price at a restaurant. The curry gravy is thick and tasty with all the right spices, the fish head was good.  However, the veggies accompanying it e.g. Brinjal and Lady fingers was a little tough (hard to chew).  It would be great if it was cooked a little longer so that it is soft at first bite. Other than that, it's good! :)

Crab Masala $10

 Didn't manage to try the crab masala because I find it a little hard to eat especially when you need 'pincer' to crack the shell up and so happen the restaurant doesn't have them, so is either you crack it using your teeth or you skip it. But the masala spice cooked with it (I tasted just the masala part) was tasty and a little spicy 
(I can take spicy very very well. heh heh ;) ). Heard from the other bloggers attended saying that there's not much of crab meat in it too. I guess it depends on the crab season. 

IMO: Pretty appetizing but if I were to visit the restaurant again, I would try out other masala dishes instead.

Chicken Kothu Parata $6.50

 Really interesting dish I would say. You might have thought it will appear to be prata style but it was meshed up and somewhat like minced version of it. Have it while it's served hot! Because I tried 1-2 mouthful of it and It was yummy served hot, and once when it cools off, not that fantastic. Be careful of the chicken bones in it though because I accidentally chew on some chipped bones.

Murg Cheese Ki Gulesthan $14

This is one of my favorite! I think I can have it all by myself, hurhur! The chicken was tender and it taste real good combine with the cheese and other spices. Not spicy at all. It's definitely one of the dish you must order when you visit Muthiah Restaurant.

Tangdi Kali Mirchi $17

Very interesting and unique dish. 
At first I thought it was something like banana fritters but it wasn't. It was actually a chicken dish.
Surprising huh. But it wasn't my favorite. The outer layer of the 'skin' tasted somewhat have a texture like cotton-candy when you have your first bite but the taste was kinda like salty, sourish and I ended up just eating the chicken in it. The chicken was well-done with tenderness.

Garlic Naan $3.50

 Having it on its own or with the Fish Head Curry was perfect. You can taste the generous tiny bits of garlic and its fragrance. However, do have it straight when it's served because when the Naan cools off, the garlic tastes a little bitter compared to when it's hot. :)

Prawns Fry $10

The prawns are juicy and tasty. The spices used marinate and fry with the prawns was pretty fragrant.
It was our last main dish and I was too full.
 Shall visit Muthiah Restaurant probably with my family one day and try out this dish again.:)

 Masala Tea $1.80

I've always love to have Masala Tea after meals to leave a sweet taste in my mouth. 
Another reason was because masala tea has always been one of the indian's signature drink. Tried couple of places before but over at Muthiah Restaurant, it's a little too sweet to my liking. I have sweet tooth but masala tea needs to have a balanced of sweetness.
If it wasn't so sweet, I think it will be a great way to end the meal. :)

*The above reviews are purely my opinion.

Overall, I find the pricing quite affordable. Portions are good for sharing. 
Great place to just relax and have a good meal. 

I would definitely come back and try out other dishes and share with you guys my thoughts again.
There's way too many dishes I want to try out!
(Just look at the menu O_O)

Thanks Susan once again and Thanks Jacelyn.
Nice knowing the lovely bloggers attended and hope to see you girls again  :)


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