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[Food Review + Discounts] Dining experience at Mellben Signature - New dishes that you MUST TRY and there's discounts too!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back with another yummy-licious food review and I've listed this place as one of my favorite seafood place to go!

I bet many of you might have heard of AMK Mellben Seafood Restaurant.
They're really experts in crab dishes and many others.
Been hearing great reviews and raves from my fellow friends and I'm so happy I get to try it this time!

They've recently opened another new branch (*sister brand) near Tanjong Pagar!

Bestway Building, 
12 Prince Edward Road
Singapore 079212

The location is easy to find. It only takes you approx. 6 mins to reach here from Tanjong Pagar MRT!
Just go to Tanjong Pagar MRT and take Exit D, then walk towards Prince Edward Road, 
it is located inside Bestway Building. :)

*There's parking lots available too, but are chargeable.

Can't wait to dig in those delicious goodies!

Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam
I'm a sucker for dishes with garlic! It's THE BEST ingredient one can use to flavor any dishes!
I love this alot because it's done well, not losing its tangy-ness with loads of garlic to compliment! NICE~

 Deep Fried Yam Scallop

I personally liked this dish because I've tried many yam dishes but usually are the traditional ones 
(*Yam ring), but this is good to share with family and friends. Not only that, the outer layer was fried till crisp and the scallop is still as fresh with its juices oozing out. Not too drying or oily at all.

You can choose to dip with the sauce provided but I would suggest to go without it so that you can taste its natural flavor. :)

Nonya Style Steamed Fish
If you like sweet, sour with a little spicy kick, you can order this to try. 
The fish is fresh and the flavors are well combined. Not too overpowering.

 Mango Prawns
Pretty unique dish I would say.
The sauce is not too sweet and love the freshness of the prawns even though they've fried it.

Signature Salted Egg Pork Ribs
When you hear salted egg dishes, you'll only think of prawns, crabs and maybe squids.
How about Pork Ribs?
Its deliciously tender. No wonder its their Signature dish :)

 Signature Seafood Beancurd
Crisp on the outside, soft in the inside.

XO Sauce Asparagus with Shimeji Mushrooms
Getting sick of oyster sauce veggies or Hongkong Style veggies?
Maybe you can try this dish as it still brings out the natural flavor of the mushrooms and asparagus.

Icy Sweet & Sour Pork
This is one of their newly invented dish which i must say is pretty interesting!
Tried Sweet & Sour Pork in ice and longan?
This is definitely my first time!
The outer crisp was still preserved and the tender pork meat is still warm despite the food is mixed with ice.

Many might have know this:
Mellben Signature is well known for their crab dishes especially the must-try crab beehoon and butter crabs! 
The best part of it is that they only uses live crab and that already tells you how fresh their ingredients are!

That's a whole lot of it and they are really big!

Selfie time with crabbies~ HOHOHO!
I'm gonna have you in my tummy~

And so here it is....


 Chilli Crab
Many of you know about this dish.
You'll never go wrong with this dish. Never. And you must order it with 'Man Tou' (mini fried buns). Nuff'said.

Creamy Butter Crab
The creamy butter doesn't overpower the natural flavor of the crab and seriously, the crab is super fresh!!

 Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup
The broth is rich and milky with all the goodness of the big, succulent crab.
yummmm....*must-try :)

 Double Boiled Hashima in Rock Sugar and Red Dates
We end our dinner with this healthy dessert that's great for its health and beauty benefits!
Served hot but if you prefer it cold, just pour some ice into it.

Generous amount of Hashima!

Thank you Mellben Signature for having us!
Thanks Pretty babe, Maybeline too! <3

Delicious food all cleared by us! Yeap, We're very hungry lot! hahaha!
Great to catch up with friends too!
Photo: Food tasting last night. Good food and happy people!

Mellben Signature is located at
  • Bestway Building, 
  • 12 Prince Edward Road
  • Singapore 079212

For reservation, contact 81112823 or 62205512!



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Super worth right!!

Shall organize an evening and bring my parents for a delectable dinner at Mellben Signature before the promo ends! hurhur^^ 

Till then,
Zerika Says

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